Tech Billionaire Priven Reddy Backs Leap Aerospace To Connect The World Faster Than Ever Before.

August 25 23:04 2021
Tech Billionaire Priven Reddy Backs Leap Aerospace To Connect The World Faster Than Ever Before.
“Leap will offer non-stop flights from New York to London in under just 3 hours, from Johannesburg to Beijing in +/- 3.5 hours” says its Founder Priven Reddy.
Priven Reddy with Leap Aerospace gets ready to connect the world faster than ever before.

Breakfast at 9 am in New York and Lunch by 12.30 pm In London. Tech Mogul, Priven Reddy’s new Aerospace startup is aiming to bring the world closer, faster than ever before.

Aviation, Aircraft, and Aerospace engineering is a complicated phenomenon as the market needs established strategies to formulate next-generation solutions. Thus, a hybrid system of traditional and novel components will pave the way for the emerging frontiers of engineering. 

“If you are tired of long waiting hours due to the traditional flights, the wait is over now. We welcome you to the new world of “The Next Generation of Supersonic Travel”, says Priven Reddy the Founder of Aerospace startup L.E.A.P.

Commercial and traditional air traveling is renovated by a sustainable next-generation supersonic flight to the height of the skies. A new era of aerospace is appearing on the horizon under the term “LEAP”. LEAP is the acronym for Leading Edge Aviation Propulsion. Leap Aerospace is here to prove itself as the World’s Fastest airliner and its emergence on the horizon will aim to mute the “sonic boom” on technical grounds.

The team working on the design of Leap Aerospace is directed to launch an aviation solution that will be useful for air surveillance, air logistics, tourism, emergency air operations, and business travel. This dynamic network of Leap Aerospace solutions will open up new platforms for an array of customers and communities globally.

The Leap Aerospace R&D team will also simultaneously focus on establishing the first-ever bladeless technology for secondary traverse of its the supersonic aircraft whilst inflight as well as perfecting its engine failure safe-landing technology.. Priven Reddy the founder says, “Passenger safety is of utmost importance to us and the aircraft will feature the world’s first ever safe-landing mechanism, which  in the event of a complete engine failure or malfunction, the aircraft will still safely land on ground or ocean, minimizing fatalities”.

As aviation innovations move forward, Safran and General Electric have also jointly renewed their partnership to establish the next generation of air-craft engines. Both the partners are committed to launching a next-generation engine with better performance, eco-friendly, and optimal fuel consumption. The system will contain hybrid-electric propulsion and be capable of running on 100% sustainable fuel or hydrogen.

The LEAP aircraft will be a breakthrough serving as a robust next-generation airliner. The organizational hierarchy of LEAP will be ready to operate its flight in 2027 and for facilitating passengers in late 2029.

DNA of LEAP Aerospace

The aircraft will aim to illustrate a net-zero emission of carbon and it relies on 100% sustainable aviation fuel (SAF). Leap Aerospace is dedicated to innovating reliable, affordable, safer, and sustainable air travels solutions. Thus, it will contain the issues of pollution, services accessibility, urban designs improving air mobility, and transportation. Leap Aeronautics is aspiring to inspire the next generations for envisioning tomorrow. The vision of the organization is attainable with the help of numerous stakeholders.

Services offered by Leap

LEAP is directed to create a multi-piloted aircraft with the purpose to fulfil the demands of urban and rural regions. The aircraft demonstrates the astonishing features of operational efficiency, operational ergonomics, operational security, and fault-tolerant design, safe-landing failsafe as well as bladeless technology assistance. The operational ergonomics illustrates a full glass cockpit with an auto-pilot tilt-to-land design. The aircraft appears to have ultra-advanced navigation systems with an ergonomic cockpit design with the help of touch screens and heads-up displays. The design of Leap aircraft is supplemented with redundant motors and a triple fail-safe flight operation control system.

The leap Aerospace will feature an amazing swappable battery pack for an immediate turn-around time. The lightweight composite fiber platform of the aircraft is for ensuring maximum strength, and high endurance properties. LEAP Aerospace is up to 100x quieter than a helicopter and transitions to forward flight gradually gaining speed with operational efficiency similar to an airplane.

Moreover, the passenger capacity of the aircraft can be modulated between 65-88 along with flight operation at an altitude of 60,000 ft. As the plane aims to operate on net-zero carbon emission so it can achieve a length of 205 ft at a speed of MACH 1.9.

LEAP hypersonic Aerospace is starting up on a self-funded basis. It will offer immediate flights from New York to London in under just 3 hours, from Johannesburg to Beijing in +/- 3.5 hours. Moreover, LEAP has not yet tested a single flight of its supersonic jet, but the aircraft will be ready for a commercially sustainable supersonic flight having the potential to carry 86 passengers in late 2029. Though numerous other supersonics are popping up recently LEAP is making up the mark due to its unique attributes.

Future of LEAP Aerospace

LEAP will be ready to pre-sell its aircraft to the cargo and transportation organization by early 2022. Additionally, Leap currently has no interest in selling the commodities to the private community. Leap is working with a vision to manufacture greater models including 70 or more passenger 2.0 aircraft series. Leap’s unique aircraft design is crafted to embrace aerodynamics in a vastly more efficient manner for minimizing the shock waves, reducing drag and increasing efficiency.

LEAP will function at a twice greater speed, much greater than the speed of sound, and the passengers will experience lifelong benefits for spending relaxing vacations to far-off places in shorter time spans.

Leap is directed to minimize the complications of aircraft manufacturing. The low noise is generated with the help of small propellers for landing and takeoff. The aircraft design has completed processing and now the goal is to initiate the generation of an entire prototype and complete its certifications and accreditation by the aviation organizations of Europe and the USA. It is expected that the certification of Leap Aerospace will be completed in approximately 3 years after the establishment of the flying prototype. The next breakthrough of the aircraft organization would be likely to take the first commercial flight service in 2029.

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