Author, O’Neal Johnson Jr., Announces New Book That Teaches Readers Step By Step Strategies to Leadership Development

August 26 20:36 2021
Decorated sergeant major wants to help everyone learn how to become a successful leader with his book, which offers a simple and yet effective guide for readers

Leadership is one of the most powerful ways to bring change to any society. Yet, many people who have this skill don’t even know they do, and those who do, don’t understand how to utilize it properly.

Author, O’Neal Johnson Jr., is proud to announce his book titled “Leadership Development Step by Step What Makes a Successful Leader.” The book is for people who want to be leaders or suspect they have leadership skills but have no idea how to nurture it and utilize it. The author offers an easy-to-follow guide that starts from rudimentary subjects and progresses to more advanced issues.

Readers are taken on a journey of self-discovery as they explore hidden treasures within them. From the introduction to the last chapter, every sentence and page inspires readers to learn something new about leadership and begin the process of becoming who they have always dreamt of being.

We live in a world that is changing very fast, and so many things are going wrong. The world needs people to step up in leadership roles in workplaces, homes, religious institutions, government institutions, communities, and neighborhoods. But many people are afraid to assume leadership roles because most people are not thought how to be leaders. That’s where this book comes in handy, to inspire, motivate, guide, and challenge people to take leadership roles and have the hope that they will succeed.

O’Neal Johnson Jr. wrote this book because of his passion for society. Like many scholars and thinkers, he knows that leadership is one of the main things lacking in the affairs of the modern world. His many years of experience studying successful leaders and their secrets is one reason why anyone who wants to succeed in their leadership roles must get and read this book.

In this book, Johnson summarizes the levels of leadership, and from my angle, the levels are very precise,” said Joan Stuart, Assistant Managing Director. “I have just been promoted to a manager, and I had to have this book after my boss gave it to me for reference. So now I know his secrets.”

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About O’Neal Johnson Jr.

O’Neal Johnson Jr. is a retired U.S. Marine Corps and decorated sergeant major who served more than 30 years in the military. He has served in many leadership roles and spent years studying successful leaders to know what makes them tick. O’Neal believes the world will be a better place with great leaders, which is one reason he wrote and published a book on the subject.

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