New revolutionary privacy-focused social media platform on Kickstarter assures 100% user data protection

August 27 14:27 2021

Selfin is all set to take over the existing social media world with its innovative privacy-focused, ad-free approach and commitment towards complete user satisfaction and safety.

No more fear of private data snooping by social media giants. A California-based social network company, Selfin, has recently launched its breakthrough privacy-focused social platform on Kickstarter. Selfin ensures complete protection of user data. The innovative social portal also assures 100% ad-free content and handy payments for social influencers.

What makes Selfin different from other existing social media platforms around is its user-centric and privacy-focused approach. The social network only shows users what the latter wish to see and does not bombard them with unnecessary ads or unwanted content. The latest social media platform is set to wage a revolution in the social media scene and its slogan is #FightFireWithFire. For good reason.

“Your data is yours alone and no platform, no matter how powerful or big, has the right to snoop into your confidential information. That’s grossly unfair – unfortunately, unwanted data snooping has been  a norm in the existing social media world. Until now. Our new revolutionary social media platform is specifically designed with a strict privacy-focused framework that eliminates all threats of user data snooping. In fact, every feature incorporated into Selfin has been engineered to help users retain complete control of their private information while allowing them to engage with content they care about the most”, stated Akin Nefesogullari, the founder Selfin. 

While asked about the inspiration behind Selfin, Akin mentioned the growing dissatisfaction among social media users with existing social networks. 

“Essentially, social media networks are expected to be platforms where people can talk, have fun, express themselves, build relationships, be empowered, and also empower others. But, lately, these platforms have seemingly drifted away from their basic purpose and have turned into something else altogether. They are primarily driven by one singular goal- snatching attention from users and compelling them to spend more time on their networks. And, in the meanwhile, the existing networks have stopped valuing what made them what they are today, the ‘users’. Unfortunately, social media users have been getting dissatisfied with this corrupt ‘social’ culture and have been looking for a positive change in the social media world for a long time. It’s such an ethos that drove us to come up with Selfin.”

Unlike regular social media platforms, Selfin does not poke users with unwanted ads, creepy activity tracking, and any kind of BS. Put simply, Selfin never bores users with insignificant content, emails, or any other kind of details that users are just not interested in. 

Top exclusive features of Selfin:

  • Complete data privacy and security – No intrusive data snooping, tracking, and profiling by the social platform. Selfin’s proprietary data protection backend assures complete safety for user accounts.
  • Complete control over newsfeed – Unlike regular social media platforms that use paid ads and privacy-intrusive algorithms to dictate what users would see on thier News Feed, Selfin assures users complete control on their News Feed.
  • Revenuesharing program for influencers – Selfin allows users to monetize their accounts and earn money as a social influencer on the platform.
  • Comprehensive support for social influencers – Selfin supports social influencers on the platform with a Personal Account Manager, Analytics, and Post Scheduling facility.
  • Voice-Activated Comments and Captions – Selfin users can express themselves with voice-enabled features.
  • Unique interface – Selfin works in both vertical and horizontal modes.
  • Social shopping – Selfin allows shopping activities on the app
  • And more

The basic version of the app is free. However, Selfin has also come up with a Premium version that offers more advanced features at a nominal price.

“At Selfin, we guarantee you absolute and exclusive control over your private data. We have also developed some innovative ways to easily become an influencer and monetize your account on our portal. If you are already a social media influencer on other social sites, you can easily migrate all your followers to Selfin. However, we need robust financial backup to build such a state-of-the-art app and hence this Kickstarter campaign. Your generous support will enable us to bring Selfin to life and make the social media experience safer, more comfortable, and more engaging for all.”

Backers will be rewarded with exclusive discounts and gifts, including Selfin t-shirts, badges, stickers and pins, and more. To show your support for the campaign, please visit Kickstarter

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