Top CEOs, Founders, and Experts Help Us Explore The Beauty and Skincare Industry

August 27 21:06 2021

The beauty and skincare industry is a multi-billion-dollar business that has seen an exponential rise in popularity over the last decade. As more people are interested in taking care of their skin, there have been innovations made to help them do so as well. But with new brands popping up all the time, it can be hard to know which ones are worth your money or not. 

ValiantCEO sat down with some of today’s top CEOs, founders, and experts in the beauty and skincare industry to get their advice on how they became successful within this space.

Vince Spinnato

Throughout his 25-year career in the personal care, cosmetic and fine fragrance industries, Vince Spinnato has learned a great deal about beauty.

As a seasoned professional, Spinnato has formulated hundreds of products for skin and hair care, color cosmetics, bath & body as well as fine fragrances. He has also developed pet and baby products, and an energy drink. He’s done this in a decades-long career spanning multiple companies such as TurnKey Beauty, and Vincenzo Skincare VS Vincenzo Ltd.

Joni Rogers-Kante

Joni Rogers-Kante is a titan in the cosmetics industry with her billion-dollar company, SeneGence. She has built such an empire by empowering women all over to feel beautiful and confident through her brand.

Joni started SeneGence® with a mission to empower women. The company has grown into an industry titan with billions of dollars in sales and products available all over the world.

Francesco Urso

Men, it’s time to take care of yourself. Wolf Project CEO and founder Francesco Urso help you do just that with a skincare regimen designed specifically for men’s skin type!

Intending to teach men that skincare is not just for women, Francesco Urso founded Wolf Project in 2019. As CEO he runs this company and hopes to teach men how they can start their grooming regimen so they look good all day long.

Jack Jia

Jack Jia, is an innovative businessperson who leads Musely, a “telemedicine technology leader,” that provides medical treatments for skincare and other skin-related conditions.

Additionally, Jack also has invested in GSR Ventures, TSVC, and WIN, among other companies. As the Founder and CEO of Musely, Jack wants to provide “scientifically proven medications” that will help people slow down their biological clock on aging.

Hence, he wants the company to stand apart from the competition by debunking misinformation about skincare.

Natalia Monnard

Natalia Monnard was born and raised in Mexico City. She leads large-scale projects across business units at the bank focused on growth strategies, client experience enhancement, and IT platform deliveries.

Natalia is passionate about sustainability and staying healthy, so she’s always looking for new ways to improve our planet and live an eco-friendlier lifestyle.

Simona Duron

Simona Duron is an Australian beekeeper who raises stingless bees for their honey. Her focus lies on the well-being of her bees above all else, which allows them to produce just as much honey.

Her unique Australian Native Bee Skincare is an exclusive skincare line made with Propolis from Australian native stingless bees to help keep skin naturally healthy. Simona is both a Founder and Owner. According to her, entrepreneurship isn’t something you’re born with – rather, it’s an ongoing process that has to be learned constantly.

Emily McNabb

Emily McNabb, a massage therapist and the founder of The Good Hippie in 2011 was concerned about all the chemicals she found in commercial creams and lotions. After using these products for an entire day, Emily had skin problems herself which led to her choice to buy out her friend’s company with only natural ingredients used throughout production.

Good Hippie uses all-natural ingredients and handmade skincare products with no parabens or synthetic fragrances added as an attempt to create safer beauty standards for your skin.

Yanika Cordina

As a former Personal Assistant turned Inventor and Business Woman in the Hair Care Industry, Yanika has successfully invented two heat-less hair styling tools featured on Dragons’ Den UK.

Yanika’s passion for healthy hair began at a young age.  She found that some of the products on the market were too harsh, causing her to wonder why they existed in such forms if not used correctly or abused by customers who weren’t aware of how harmful it could be. 

Rather than focus on beauty alone, she decided there was an opportunity to create gentle yet effective solutions and thus Cordina Hair™ would emerge as part of this mission.

Roberta Perry

Like many working mothers, Roberta Perry struggled to find the time for proper skincare. Desperate and exhausted after trying every exfoliant on her shelf with no success in finding one that worked for her skin type, she decided to make a change.

So she started Scrubzbody Skin Care Products in 2006. The company uses all-natural ingredients and is committed to zero artificial colors/preservatives, alcohol, petroleum, or parabens gluten phthalates in any of their products.

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