Gurbaksh Chahal Talks About Business Investments and how it can have an Impact on the Business

August 27 17:42 2021

Most individuals understand the significance of investing for retirement, wealth, and savings. However, it is also essential for businesses to make the most out of their savings and profits by putting money into solid investments that will grow annually. This builds stability and peace of mind for the business. With several corporations heading into bankruptcy, it is vital to make sure that the businesses’ profits are growing and secure, even without new customers.

Gurbaksh Chahal says that every time people invest in business, they reap the rewards tenfold. Whether one is investing in products to assist run the business more smoothly, employing a business coach, or outsourcing tasks, spending the money is important.

Tasks that are not in the territory of expertise drain people a lot more than people think. It also wastes time because these tasks end up taking twice as long to do because one does not enjoy doing them nor are an expert at doing them professionally. By investing in people and services the life can become easier, one will feel way less stressed and can focus on only the most significant tasks for the business.

And when spending it on tasks that one does not like to do particularly, nor that they are the best at wasting valuable time that one can either spend on other business-building tasks or spend time with friends and family. Gurbaksh Chahal has founded businesses like VendorCloud, an on-demand manufacturing platform for third party market. ksh has spoken and taught classes to business students at quite a few colleges and universities such as Columbia University, UC Berkeley, Stanford University, Cambridge University, Pace University, CSU Hayward, London School of Economics, Evergreen College, Ryerson University, and most lately The Indian School of Business.

There are about a thousand more reasons why investing in your business is important. Gurbaksh says he never regretted any investment he has made in the business. Truthfully, his only regret is that he did not invest sooner!

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