TLC Offers The Most Creamiest Body Oils And Body Butters For A Smooth And Silky Skin

August 28 02:15 2021
TLC stands for Tazaryach & Lily’s Creations – an incredible Etsy and online store for whipped body butter, oils, and natural organic candles.

People often forget to take care of themselves while rushing into the daily hassles of life. Although money buys expensive parlor appointments and creams from top companies, it is not enough for glowing and healthy skin. A fresh look and feel require pure ingredients to give skin a naturally refreshing experience. To provide the best-whipped body butter, body oils, hair and beard oils, and candles, Tazaryach & Lily’s Creations TLC is an Etsy and digital all-in-one store for the Finest organically prepared body and room care products. Fragrances that nourish the body and skin are a specialty that they have to offer. 

The company began in March 2019 to sell oils and butter, starting through word of mouth, by accepting Cashapp sales and shipping things out. It quickly began to gain traction, and soon the owner decided to use Etsy to keep up with the business’s rapid growth. Its unique and innovative products stand out from the competition in the market as TLC began developing its imaginative line of oils. The label got propelled to new heights because their personally created products were exclusively available from them. The results were 14k sales in two years, and it then expanded the TLC inventory to include hair and beard oil, hair butter, and candles. Stepping further up onto the ladder of success, it started up its online venture @

Body and hair require care, and this is what TLC realizes. Its iconic blends for hair and beard oils and butter bring out the volume and texture of hair by sealing in moisture, preventing it from getting rough. Thus, it makes hair perfect for braids and twists! It is the best option for bringing silkiness and shine to beards as well. Adding on to their creatively natural products is its famous, distinctively scented 4th Dimension Brand – Exclusive oils and butter for men and women that is a personally created edition of purest, uncut oils and natural body butter. This combination of freshness derived from natural ingredients provides the body a smell that is not just unique but exceptionally unforgettable!

Tazaryach & Lily’s Creations is also the direct go-to for incredible incense and candle choices available! The rich perfume of 4th Dimension is distinctive to the name and will surely brighten any environment, any day, and any soul. For beautifying spaces, the perfectly crafted decorative candle is ideal for any celebration; to bring warmth and a rich smell to shine brightly in life. It is a 100% optimum balance of elegance and burns to ignite an aromatic atmosphere on all occasions. So be it a party, picnic, beach trip, family gathering, or just a random day at work, the TLC store has covered it all, from body fragrances to room fresheners; all products are pure, uncut, and 100% natural.

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