Parenting Connections Launches “Gathering up for Greatness” To Train Teenage Leaders

August 30 08:00 2021
Family-oriented nonprofit, Parenting Connections, announce the launch of “Gathering up for Greatness,” a new initiative to train teenage leaders in a tour of conference

Dr. Tyra Hodge and her team at Parenting Connections have again reiterated their commitment to strengthening families and communities as a whole through education with the launch of “Gathering up for Greatness.” The program is the newest initiative from the nonprofit, designed to train teenage leaders in a tour of conference trainings using Dr. Hodge’s newly released book HellHound (7 Leadership Styles Explained in Doggy Terms). 

Millions of children in different parts of the world do not have the best experiences growing up. The case of homelessness, child malnutrition, and other worrisome phenomenon continues to increase, making it a major cause for concern for well-meaning individuals and organizations. Such is the case of Dr. Tyra Hodge, who had a firsthand experience of human trafficking and homelessness, before pushing boundaries to create a world for herself and subsequently launch Parenting Connection to build strong families. 

Parenting Connection is one of the several initiatives from Tyra Hodge, following her realization that there was a seed of leadership planted inside of her that will forever change her life and the lives of the students she was destined to work with. 

“I knew that staying homeless for a time and going to school would one day pay off in the long run,” said Dr. Hodge. “Anything worth having was worth the struggle and the fight.” 

Tyra Hodge took the bull by the horns, overcoming several obstacles to complete her Bachelors, Masters, and Doctorate in 18 years, even as a single mother. Dr. Hodge is on the road to success as she was recently named Teacher of the Year and SuperLady Houston, as the author of 4 books continues in her pursuit of creating a better world one individual at a time. 

Dr. Tyra Hodge founded Parenting Connection and recently created “Gathering up for Greatness.” The conferences will address how young leaders can address inequality using their leadership gifts to make for a better future for all who live in the United States. The HellHound trainings will be available in different communities and schools around Houston and surrounding areas. 

For more information about the HellHound trainings and other projects from Parenting Connections, visit - The campaign continues across social media, including Facebook and YouTube.


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