Healing Healthcare Burnout Offers Hope to Struggling Health Professionals

August 30 17:09 2021
This innovative coaching model is saving health care careers nationwide.

A second, silent epidemic has snuck in hot on the trails of COVID-19: health care burnout. The increased demands of the pandemic on an already-teetering health care system have caused many health professionals to become overwhelmed, burned-out, and exhausted – and for some to leave health care altogether.

Yet even amidst the burnout crisis, some health professionals are growing – even thriving – with help from an unlikely resource: coaching.

Founded by paramedic Samantha Wilding in 2018, Healing Healthcare Burnout specializes in coaching health professionals through some of the toughest aspects of their jobs – and not just increased patient volume or acuity.

“We all think burnout comes from too many demands and dwindling resources,” says Wilding. “But oftentimes what makes it worse is our own need for approval. Too many of us are more afraid of letting our teammates down than we are of falling apart.”

What’s worse, she says, is that the health care industry is preying on this need to please. “Most institutions are putting enormous pressure on staff to work themselves to the bone rather than spend the money to hire enough staff, and hoping that we’ll just keep saying ‘yes.’ But you can’t achieve your way to self-worth,” she adds.


While many in the industry blame the “do more with less” mentality, the issue is more complex than it seems. Research shows that burnout also involves factors such as physiological stress, self-worth, narrative interpretation, sleep quality, and even the dynamics of lateral relationships.

With innovative techniques around topics like Stress Recovery, Narrative Overhaul, and Resource Chunking, the Healing Healthcare Burnout coaching process helps struggling health professionals make progress faster than traditional self-help or therapeutic methods.

“Our clients often see more progress in 8 weeks than in 10 years of other methods,” Wilding says. That’s because her techniques have been battle-tested in the toughest realms of health care: “If it doesn’t work in the ICU or the ER, it just plain doesn’t work,” she adds.

As for results? They’re difficult to argue with.

“You know, I don’t think I’ve had a single client show up, do the work, and not see a radical change in their experience,” she says. “That doesn’t mean it isn’t hard work,” she adds, “or that outcomes are ever guaranteed. But it’s a pretty strong track record.”

But coaching may not be for everyone. The process can be as intense as it is life-changing.

“Obviously there are limitations,” Wilding concedes. “Someone has to want to change – to be willing to do the work.” She also adds that coaches are not in the business of diagnosing or treating medical or mental health conditions.

But for those in suffering, she says, “a good coach can make all the difference.”

For more information, health professionals struggling with burnout can visit https://healinghealthcareburnout.com/.

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