Wallabies: Outdoor, Adventure-Friendly Sunglasses for Kids

August 30 17:28 2021
With Wallabies, parents can adequately protect their kids as they engage in outdoor activities and the many adventures that they love to undertake

Kids love to play outdoors, but the harsh sun can damage their eyes and vision and cause them to experience headaches and pain. The outbreak of COVID-19 necessitated a global lockdown that resulted in staying indoors and on-screens for unprecedented amounts of time. As COVID -19 lockdown rules ease, it is time to go out, but for kids that have been exposed to extensive hours of screen time, there is a need for protective equipment as they go out.

On this note, Wallabies is thrilled to announce the launch of a new brand of sunglasses that protects kids from the sun in style – with its range of immersive outdoor and adventure-friendly designs, as well as offering a superior UV protective filter. The goal is to provide parents with the necessary protection while offering kids fun styles to ensure their little eyes are protected as they venture outdoors.

“Wallabies was founded after a trip to Australia to enjoy the beaches and the outdoor lifestyle of the country,” said Garrett Chapman, Grown Up in Charge/Co-Founder of Wallabies. “After arriving, I realized my nephew didn’t have a pair of sunglasses to protect his eyes. We searched vainly, unable to find a pair stylish enough he would want to wear and one that offered the UV protection I needed for his eyes. I subsequently came home and founded Wallabies.”

The sunglasses are lightweight, durable, and perfect for the adventurous nature of kids when they are outside playing. Recent studies indicate the amount of children developing myopia (nearsightedness) has increased 25 percent in the last two years. Spending too much time looking at screens and too much time indoors leads to this epidemic in eye development.

The American Optometric Association has suggested anywhere from one to three hours of protected outdoor activity a day to help ward off the development of eyesight issues. Wallabies Sunnies aims to help parents achieve safe exposure to helpful UV-B light while blocking 100% of all harmful UV-light exposure.

“We are incredibly happy with the product and its ability to protect children’s eyes while allowing them to continue to express themselves,” Garrett Chapman added. The sunglasses are now on sale at very affordable prices via www.wallabies.shop.

About Wallabies Sunnies

Wallabies provide world-class outdoor, adventure-friendly sunglasses for kids that offer functional protection from the sun without sacrificing style. The brand aims to help parents achieve safe exposure to helpful UV-B light while blocking 100% of all harmful UV light. As a result, they are the preferred choice for discerning parents who choose function and fashion.

Connect with Wallabies by visiting: https://wallabies.shop or on Instagram @wallabiessunnies.

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