Roberto Hroval from Project Phoenix8™ Launches the Themis Ecosystem™

August 30 19:28 2021
Roberto Hroval from Project Phoenix8™ Launches the Themis Ecosystem™
Roberto Hroval’s Themis Ecosystem™ is a new online environment for green industry projects.
Roberto Hroval, Project Phoenix8™, launched a new project called Themis Ecosystem™. It is an online environment where special e-vouchers that represent green industry outputs can be traded.

Like many business owners, Hroval didn’t have the conditions to construct his new Biomass Ultima™ plant and the Project Phoenix8™ factory in Europe as planned. While thinking about the workable solution of the future-oriented green industry, he came out with something even bigger–how to digitalize the whole industry. He and his team of international experts created a new online environment called the Themis Ecosystem™.

It identifies and gathers green technologies in an all-in-one online platform, digitalizes and monetizes their high-demanding outputs, and sets severe standards in sectors important for our long-term future. Besides, it enables people to make money by supporting green, emission-free industries, helps reduce global warming, and creates mass movement.

Or, as the founder explained, the main idea is three-fold: to digitalize and monetize tangible products of future-oriented green technologies, to help reduce CO2 emissions on a personal and global level, and to create a community of like-minded people who support the idea.

The first thing that was needed was “the heart” that would connect all the parts. So the team created a new environment from scratch: an Online Industrial Exchange™ (OIX™). But for its successful operations, the exchange also required a new evaluation unit; like an e-voucher or similar.

Hroval explained: “The only way to digitalize tangible outputs of factories was to invent a new form of an e-voucher on an industrial level that will be able to represent the products or goods created in the process. For some goods – like electricity or carbon footprint neutrality – we couldn’t offer people to buy such products directly so we created an e-voucher in a digital form that would put all businesses on the common denominator.”

He named it the Industrial Token™ or, in short, iTo™. Its core value is calculated on output products’ market value and CO2 reduction value as well. “The requirement for every project that we accept,” Roberto Hroval explained, “is to be CO2 negative. No exceptions here. Consequently, it would create – besides its core value – another benefit that can also be monetized. That is CO2 reduction. There is a whole industry based on so-called CO2 coupons. We took this value and calculated it into our Industrial Token.”  

He also revealed how the whole Themis Ecosystem™ works. The main platform – or the heart of the system – would be OIX™ where iTokens™ are available for purchasing. The platform operates as an auction-based exchange. Special economic algorithms of the exchange show the price of iTo™ via micro and macroeconomic values according to the project outputs and its environmental impact factors. All processes work simultaneously and coherently.

Environmental algorithms also express the environmental impact. In that regard, the team designed two Global Cause-Effect Environmental Coherence Overview™ factors. One for global impact and the other for personal impact.

By purchasing iTos™, buyers directly and actively help reduce global CO2 levels. They also become more and more personal – or family – carbon footprint neutral.

The next problem was the storage of Industrial Tokens™. They need to be kept somewhere. Because they are completely new–and because the founder puts enormous emphasis on safety–the team created a whole new, extra safe storage as well. They named it MonaLisa Vault™.

The last part of the Themis family is a movement called We4Next™. It would allow people to support the idea even without buying iTos™. One of the interesting ideas about We4Next™ is the fact that people can literally exchange their energy for money. “If someone contributes useful value for the community and the world, we will appreciate the effort and reward the person. The remarkable idea behind this is that a single person produces about 100W of energy per day. If he or she decides to use a part of it for supporting the planet, our system will, first in the world, recognizes the act and exchange it for some tangible value. We will gladly send them some Industrial Tokens™,” said Hroval.

The Themis Ecosystem™ is currently in a phase of severe testing. The team plans to open it for the public in Q4 of this year.

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