EmailACheck LLC Launches Revolutionary E Check App

August 31 20:18 2021
EmailAcheck allows you to write, receive and deposit checks electronically and instantly for free right from you mobile phone or ipad

Miami Lakes, Florida, USA – EmailAcheck LLC is a young startup based out of Miami Lakes Florida, USA who developed a next-generation finance app for Android and iOS platforms that transforms the way people make, accept and deposit payments..

EmailACheck is eco-friendly and not only saves you money and time but helps the environment by saving paper, labor and trips to the bank.

Today, most financial transactions have been digitalized, from creating accounts, sending and receiving money, paying bills, making reservations, and booking tickets, the list is endless. However, still, a crucial segment of business transactions such as rent and insurance payments are still made via checks.

EmailAcheckwith its talented team of developers have untapped the ability to write, receive and deposit checks securely! in seconds right from your mobile device and for pennies without ever leaving your chair. .

The EmailAcheck app uses its exclusive secure patented technology to make, receive and deposit payments with a secure and fast platform.

While the check is created using EmailAcheck, the information entered is completely managed directly by user and the bank, and the app is only used as an interface. The users bank information is verified between the bank and the user directly. The app uses a double passcode verification process to safeguard against forgery. EmailAcheck requires the users signature on each check from the mobile device for authentication. It also creates a QR code as an added layer of protection and background that repeats the information that’s printed on the check. Once the check is generated, user can share it via email or sms.

Once, the recipient receives a payment, they can then print the check and deposit it using regular methods or by using a scanner, remote deposit or via a mobile banking application. The app also provides detailed information regarding delivery details such as person name and time.

App’s state-of-the-art technology not only provides a whole new hassle-free experience of creating and sending checks instantly via email or sms but also provides a secure way to share the checks electronically.

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