Anish Pradhan Showing People the Way to Wealth through Quasar International and The ROI Portal, Which Has Generated Millions

August 31 22:27 2021
Anish Pradhan Showing People the Way to Wealth through Quasar International and The ROI Portal, Which Has Generated Millions

Alternate financial models have sprung up globally in the last decade, and the world has accepted them. Despite the volatility involved, people have created systems and strategies to make a fortune out of them. Many of them are working round the clock to teach other people those strategies. Anish Pradhan has mastered these new systems, made millions of dollars, and is now helping other people achieve the same. Anish Pradhan is known as a “celebrity trader.” His name, cryptoanish, has been coined on his Instagram, where thousands to millions have found him. His instagram, Cryptoanish, has over 100k followers with an outreach to many influencers, entrepreneurs, and celebrities like him.

Anish Pradhan runs a trading hedge fund named Quasar International and an investment educational platform known as ROI Portal. These were built off of a strong desire to become successful at all costs, as Anish never held back in any way in the pursuit of his dreams. From a young age, he became well-grounded in leverage trading and started building a fortune. At 13, Anish Pradhan learned everything about financial and investment strategies and got on the internet to explore money-making, which he calls “Wifi Money.” Over the last decade, he has built a trading portfolio worth millions of dollars. Only 3% of the traders are successful, and Anish Pradhan is one of the youngest successful leveraged traders out there. He showed us his past portfolios, and we were shocked to see what he had accomplished at the age 23, since many, throughout their whole lives, could never even come near to where he is now.

Now 23 and a graduate of Syracuse University, Anish Pradhan is proof that anybody can make a lot of money on the internet with the right knowledge and skills. He has been featured on many notable publications such New York Journal, New York Weekly, BuzzFeed Inc., and Influencive. In addition, he made it to the list of New York Journal’s “Top 10 Entrepreneurs of 2018” for his landmark achievements after the massive bull run of 2017. And now he continues and is heavily invested in stocks, forex, and indices, where he spends numerous hours weekly trading. 

Anish Pradhan is a young investor of repute, an American entrepreneur, and “celebrity trader.” He has built a successful business from the ground up in the leverage trading and forex markets, and he tries to give back through ROI Portal, which he built in 2019 to impact lives. ROI Portal educates people and develops their trading knowledge to help them achieve their long-term financial freedom goals.

At Quasar International, hundreds of people have acquired investment strategies that combine analytics and research with anticipated market force adjustments to achieve optimal returns on investment. Through Quasar International, anybody can invest and get involved in leverage trading without worrying about regulatory headaches. To further strengthen Quasar International’s business, ROI delivers education and learning resources through a Discord server that specializes in providing educational lessons, strategies and insights for trading. Quasar International manages over $2.5 million currently. 

The ROI Portal has generated over $1 million in revenue from student memberships and mentorship over the last two years. The learning community has more than 50 students, with Anish working with a few of them to build their investments from scratch and creating case studies. The ROI Portal and Quasar International aim to work with entrepreneurs, investors, college kids, students, and anyone who needs investment consulting or education in leverage trading, and FOREX. ​​One of his case studies he has been working on is with a girl from Massachusetts. At 20 years old, she opened an account with $131 and within less than 14 hours, she increased her account to about $350, which is a 267% gain with no prior knowledge and just learning along the way with the help of Anish’s strategy. Moreover, Anish is in the works on helping her reach $10-20k by the end of the year. Besides that incredible result, another one of his students has done numbers from $467 to $70k earlier this year, which is a tremendous 14,989.29% gain.

With a success rate of about 90 percent, ROI portal has become the go-to platform where people learn effective strategies to make money online. Quasar International is one of his biggest hedge fund projects, where he has acquired a niche of individuals who want to get into this space. Anish Pradhan’s accomplishments have rubbed off on his companies, and many other leverage traders out there draw inspiration directly from him. Anish Pradhan wants to see a world where everyone knows how to milk opportunities to change their financial status.

“Making a difference is what motivates me daily. The educational system doesn’t prepare the kids for the real world, and it’s up to us to seek that education out by ourselves,” he said. “Anyone with ambition and drive can do great things, but they need the will to start even when others doubt them,” he added.

Learn more about Anish Pradhan on his official Instagram page.

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