Shopping Agents, Media Syndication, and Films: Reasons Why ZUN Royal Is Leading in Luxury PR and Sales

September 01 15:15 2021
By James Martin

ZUN Royal shopping agents were visiting a luxury boutique on Madison Ave.

New York ZUN Royal Group has been leading in the luxury and entertainment PR and sales industry, especially targeting the Chinese market, for more than ten years. There are many reasons that make this company stand out. 

Coordinating their large, worldwide network of shopping agents (SA) is one of their strongest suits. The Chinese SA receive shopping orders from their clients based in China, shop for them overseas, then ship to China. ZUN Royal coordinates most of the SA in large international cities, including New York. With the pandemic continuing, Chinese SA are playing more significant roles in luxury, fashion, and beauty product sales to China: those jet-set buyers cannot come, but Chinese consumers’ passion for luxury goods never ceases, no matter before, during, or after the pandemic. “Everybody is worried about the pandemic, but we are happy,” said Jinghan Chen, one of the most successful SA in New York who is working for more than 3,000 buyers in China. “Our sales skyrocketed after the pandemic began. Now it still amounts to three times what people bought during normal times.” 

When he was asked why his clients in China are still so enthusiastic about buying from New York while most of the leading brands have branches in China, Chen answered, “Because we can buy the newest items for them. Usually, the items hit the shelfs in stores in China later than New York; but most importantly, the prices in New York are usually 30-40% lower than Mainland China and 20% lower than Hong Kong. If they buy directly in China, they have to pay high luxury taxes.”  

ZUN Royal shopping agents were visiting a luxury boutique on Madison Ave.

ZUN Royal works with brands that have signed with them and release the most up-to-date product information to the SA. Then SA immediately forward the information to their buyers, the buyers place orders, and the SA visit the stores and buy for their clients with their American credit cards. In this case ZUN Royal is playing a key role in guiding the SA about which brands to shop or which stores to visit because the SA rely on ZUN Royal for brand and product information. In the chain of “ZUN Royal-SA-buyers in China”, ZUN Royal is the first and leading link. 

Raymond Chen, member of the board and the Executive Director of Luxury Sales of ZUN Royal Group, was interviewing with the representatives of a luxury watch brand at its flagship boutique in NYC.

ZUN Royal’s other strong suit is their media syndication. As a PR company based in New York and staffed by overseas Chinese, they work with more than 250 American media including FOX, ABC, CBS, and so on, and more than 3,000 media outlets in China, including all the largest websites, newspapers at all levels, and multiple TV stations. The Chinese websites in their syndication are from leading news portals such as Sohu, Tencent, NetEase, and Sina to the famous industry specialty websites. Usually when they release an article, it can easily get hundreds of millions of clicks in one day. ZUN Royal often helps famous brands with its news release service. The buyers in China read the articles about the new launches then immediately contact the SA overseas representing them to buy.  

Raymond Chen, member of the board and the Executive Director of Luxury Sales of ZUN Royal Group, was signing for an investment in the Hollywood Christmas comedy “The Farmer and The Belle: Saving Santaland” with its producer and lead actress Jenn Gotzon Chandler, in ZUN Royal office.

ZUN Royal also invests in and finances American films. During the past ten years, ZUN Royal has helped more than $300 million flow from Chinese investors into the American film industry. The films they’ve helped finance cover almost all genres, from action, comedy, and romantic films to thriller, suspense, and fantasy films. ZUN Royal also directly works with production companies to make films. As the film Breakfast at Tiffany’s drove up the popularity and value of the brand Tiffany & Co., they also use product placements in their films and exposure on their red-carpet film events to dramatically facilitate the sale of sponsoring brands.   

Jenn Gotzon Chandler, one of the film producers and film stars whom ZUN Royal is working with, was posing on red carpet.

No matter their access to SA, media syndication, or films, these are all powerful “weapons” that ZUN Royal is using to help their luxury brand clients. “The pandemic shouldn’t be a barrier to sales, but instead it is an activator of sales,” said Raymond Chen, the Executive Director of Luxury Sales of ZUN Royal Group. 

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