Ragdoll Kittens For You Reveals Why Ragdoll Cats Are Special

September 01 15:21 2021
Ragdoll Kittens For You Reveals Why Ragdoll Cats Are Special
Ragdoll Kittens For You explains why ragdoll cats can be a unique acquisition for anyone.

Ragdoll Kittens For You, the best place for buying healthy and vaccinated ragdoll cats, shows why having ragdoll cats can be a remarkable thing. They understand their customers’ love for cats and make sure they help them connect with the best ones. 

“When you buy ragdoll kittens, it’s important to make sure they come from lines that are healthy and are raised in an environment where they are socialized to adults, children, dogs, other cats, and lots of activity,” says Dr. Jennifer Creed of Ragdoll Kittens For You. “We understand how much love you do to your cats; that’s why we care a lot to make them healthy for you. Our online booking system is simplified to make it easy for you to adopt a cat of your choice at your convenience.”

The Ragdoll cat variety was developed some 50 years ago by combining the critical characteristics of various breeds, including the Burman, Burmese, Persian, and solid white DSH. The kittens who have the preferred temperament and coat were then bred to form the early versions of Ragdolls. The version was further developed through selective breeding to create a cat with a silky soft non-matting coat. It is the ideal pet for people with allergies.

The ragdolls bred at Ragdoll Kittens For You are cared for in a carefully created environment where they grow amidst adults, children, dogs, and other cats. The cats here are TICA registered. They also undergo DNA tests for heart diseases and check for kidney ailments. Every kitten comes with a health guarantee against congenital defects. 

Male kittens are neutered before they are given for adoption. The kittens are also given the 2 Heska Ultra-nasal feline vaccines, a snap FeLV/FIV test, and a fecal exam for parasites. 

There is a history of breeding animals in ways best suited to their environment. Ragdoll Kittens For You also uses the same concept by breeding ragdolls in a friendly environment. The parents’ health is also carefully monitored to ensure that they give birth to the finest quality cats. That’s why experts recommend adopting a cat from a reputed and responsible breeder instead of buying from an animal shelter that houses rescued cats.

The procedure for adopting ragdoll kittens from the breeder is simple. Buyers can specify their color and gender preferences and pay a deposit of $100 by PayPal or snail mail to reserve a kitten. The balance has to be paid when the kitten is picked up from the breeder. The deposit ensures that the chosen kitten is not given away to another buyer.

Buyers have to pick up the ragdoll kitten from the farm of the breeder. They offer limited delivery assistance on request. 

For more information, visit https://ragdollkittensforyou.com/


Ragdolls Kittens For You is the perfect resource for buying a ragdoll cat that comes with health assurance, lineage and quality guarantee, and certifications. The buyers are assured of a healthy pet and get one that has been appropriately vaccinated. The breeding cats are also TICA registered, DNA tested for heart disease and kidney disease, and negative for FeLV/FIV and fip. Every cat comes with a written health guarantee against congenital defects.

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