BENTSAI Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for B10 Mini Handheld Printer, The Finest One-Click Printer for Businesse

September 01 18:18 2021
BENTSAI Announces Crowdfunding Campaign for B10 Mini Handheld Printer, The Finest One-Click Printer for Businesse

1 September, 2021 – New York, NY – BENTSAI, a leader in high-tech print technologies, has announced a crowdfunding campaign for its new B10 Mini Handheld Printer on Indiegogo. The company’s first palm-sized printer, BENTSAI has promised special early bird pricing to early backers of the B10 Mini’s Indiegogo campaign.

Designed for companies from all industries, the BENTSAI B10 Mini Handheld Printer showcases BENTSAI’s reputation for researching, developing, and integrating high-tech print technologies. A palm-sized and WIFI-enabled printer, the B10 Mini is controlled from a smart application (PRTFOX) on iOS and Android devices. Through the app, the one-click multi-line printer delivers high-quality printing in configurable resolutions of 600×600 DPI or 300×600 DPI through equally spaced with 300 nozzles that ensure smooth ink output. Provides high-quality prints of text, image, QR code, and barcodes.

The printer’s one-click design guarantees ease of use without compromising functionality in commercial settings for logistics, food labeling, production, and warehouse batch marking. The print has been designed to allow quick and economical printing on nearly any surface, and has been tested and approved to print on cardboard, wood, plastic, metal, concrete, stone, rubber, and ceramic, among many other surface types.

“We pride ourselves on manufacturing a handheld printer that is quick and economical for businesses,” BENTSAI Team, “We are honored to have the support of so many Indiegogo backers, each of whom plans to use the B10 Mini Handheld Printer in their corporate or manufacturing space to print on virtually any surface,” he added.

A first-in-class printer, the B10 Mini delivers convivence, quality, and functionality to companies of all sizes looking for a high-quality option for commercial printing, daily paperwork, arts, crafts, and entertainment. To support the crowdfunding campaign on Indiegogo, please click here. For a limited time, sign up and get the B10 Mini for only $229, or nearly 45% off the full retail price.

To learn more, please visit or BENTSAI on Facebook and Instagram.

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