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September 01 19:57 2021
Business cooperation on European market and media 360 website campaigns.

Faircom International Ltd is a company based in Europe. It is a team of experts specialize in media 360 and business assistance in Europe.

Media 360

The company offers developing websites, promotion in social media, SEO, PHP, landing pages, digital catalogues, business cards. The company offers high-quality service and the most advanced technology using the highest quality and the most developed software available in the market, which is constantly upgraded. Only software with licence is used. Experienced IT specialists in all main open content management systems as WordPress, Shopify, Joomla, WooCommerce, Wix, Magento and more. All details on Faircom International takes charge of clever design, building digital strategy and online campaigns of effective effect on business. The customers receive the support and service in every subject. Creative experts expand client’s goals with full proficiency leaving a strong, long-lasting impression using the newest tools without compromise on quality. Web stores can be synchronized with Amazon and eBay. SEO is improved, tailoring each approach to specific needs.

Every product is tailored to the customer’s individual needs providing regular full support during all the process until the customer confirms his approval and satisfaction. Faircom International expert team provide the best solutions based on creativity and professionalism. They come up with innovative ideas on the best way to present information. Regular support for customers is provided. What is more, the necessary solutions and support for future changes following technological development are offered. The clients are provided with the best complementary tools for the final product so as it is prepared in the fully professional way. Faircom International believes in the service of professional transparency and reliability and the commitment to customer and time.

The company supports customers from A to Z during all the process satisfying customer expectations. With years of digital marketing expertise and copywriting, the team help to set concrete targets based on a plan that delivered. By advanced influencer marketing, Faircom International helps companies to expand from entrepreneurs to major retailers. The successful strategies as the social network strategist are run, using the experience in content management, influencer marketing, online marketing, building applications and display ads. The clients are assisted to improve the engaging, creating meaningful content, defining social image, attracting the right audience, and increasing the effectiveness of their social ad campaigns. Faircom International organize Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, and LinkedIn promotions and social group development, collaboration and innovative social content to increase fans, influence, and calls to action. Success and satisfaction are priority.

Business support in Europe

Do you search for business partners to manufacture to distribute and supply your products and services in Europe? Faircom International offers initiating a business partnership between European and non-European companies from the USA, Canada, Middle East and Far East countries, helping in process of export-import, business plan, market research and prices research, advertising and marketing tools, suppliers, storage, workspace, address, European telephone number, international transport and product delivery, accounting services, European law and regulations support, credit card terminal equipment, translation all languages ( technical, medical, technical, etc.), office, recruitment of employees, creating websites according to GDPR, digital business and more with the professional team of partners.

All the services offered are presented on

The experts team provide the entrepreneurs with the knowledge and data necessary to develop business activities in a foreign country. Professional advice and market research with a proper team with years of experience helps to find the best solutions and opportunities regarding local suppliers, delivery solutions, prices and local manpower. The entrepreneurs can be offered the assistance to find the right international partners to grow and expand in European countries in order to manufacture or distribute products, access new markets, find the technology to input innovation in business, cooperate in research and development projects what gives huge benefit and makes the process easier, faster and correct. It saves time, effort and money. Faircom International has a lot of experience in the European and non-European market for several years. The knowledge bases on information and skills acquired through years of experience and education. The business market is understood theoretically and practically. The expert team base on determination and reliability with a lot of knowledge suitable for business. Activities in offer include all the business areas so as the right answer and professional advice can be provided. Marketing team is able to provide professional support in promoting products or services, building the awareness of particular brand, and offering the customers service and engagement in public.

Faircom International group is a forward-looking group of passionate professionals in European business and Media marketing with the relevant experience to match.

Media Contact
Company Name: Faircom International Europe
Contact Person: Media Relations
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Phone: +48-618800044
Country: Poland

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