Bio Aesthetic Medispa makes headway by bringing revolutionary fat freezing treatment in Singapore

September 01 23:12 2021
As Fat Freezing Singapore takes the spotlight as an innovative body contouring procedure that permanently eliminates up to 25% fats, Bio Aesthetic Medispa leads the charge in bringing the revolutionary technology in Singapore to the next level.

Bio Aesthetic Medispa has ramped up efforts to bring a revolutionary 360° fat freezing technology in Singapore, helping patients get rid of unwanted fat without surgery.

“Fat freezing is the gold standard technology, medically proven to eliminate up to 25% fats permanently,” a company representative said in a statement.

Medically referred to as Cryolipolysis, fat freezing is a non-invasive and non-surgical medical treatment that utilizes freezing to dissolve fat cells.

Fat Freezing Singapore is a body contouring procedure that involves the application of freezing plates to specific locations. 

Suction can draw the fats onto the cooling pad at -5° to -8° Celsius, allowing it to freeze. As fats are vulnerable to cold, the freezing temperature can kill fat cells while leaving other tissues unharmed.

Compared with traditional liposuction, the leading aesthetic company states that Fat Freeze is the perfect alternative with no injection or surgery. Downtime is minimal with no side effects.

“As opposed to the surgical liposuction, Fat Freezing is the ideal non-invasive solution. The company’s Fat Freezing price packages are the most affordable across Singapore, starting with the Fat Freeze 1-Cup Trial that’s only $88,” the representative explains.

The treatment is an excellent choice for those suffering from stomach fats, flabby arms, love handles, thigh fats, and double chin.

Patients can come in for a complimentary body assessment at the Bio Aesthetic Medispa. Its experienced doctors and aestheticians lead the pack in helping patients achieve their body goals.

Bio Aesthetic Medispa provides a customized fat freeze treatment exclusive to each patient’s body type. 

Each patient will be assessed to achieve their desired figure. In the months to come, the body will naturally metabolize the dead fat cells.

Patients can check out all the Fat Freezing Singapore treatment reviews by visiting the Bio Aesthetic Medispa website.

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