Oz DelFoss just bought a very rare piece of Albert Einstein Art

September 02 00:09 2021

Oz DelFoss, The genius Entrepreneur just bought a Limited edition piece of Albert Einstein Art.

He has the Certificate of Authenticity.

Albert Einstein is rumored to be one of Oz DelFoss’ role models. So, it makes sense that Mr. DelFoss would buy it. 
Although the price he paid isn’t known. He says he will frame it and sell it for $89,000. Making this piece of art a must buy for any collector or Albert Einstein Fan.

Oz DelFos’ Life Story:

Oz DelFoss was born on September 30th, 2002 in Long Beach, California. To a mother who accidentally got pregnant with me. Who just got out of the military. His father abandoned him.

He moved to a place called Thousand Oaks, California where he and his Mom were sleeping in a car because they couldn’t afford an apartment.

At that time he was really angry at life. So, he wanted to do something about it. It was then he decided that he was going to be something great at something. So, he started coming up with ideas in my head to change the world.

Throughout school he got bullied a lot because he was different. In elementary school he got expelled because he brought a pocket knife to school. Things got really ugly for him. He had to go to court and everything. He felt like he was a criminal. He had to educate himself by reading articles on educational websites. He always knew school wasn’t for me. So, he dropped out of high school.

He and his mother were finally living in an apartment and his mother noticed there were some things odd about him. She took him to a Dr. and he got diagnosed with autism.

Today: he is considered to have one of the greatest minds in the world. He is considered Creative, Brilliant, Unique and is highly respected by people around the globe.

He also runs his own podcast called My Universe With Oz DelFoss.

My name is Oz DelFoss and this is my life story so far…

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