Bret Talley Publishes New eBook on Search Engine Optimization

September 02 00:21 2021
Bret Talley Publishes New eBook on Search Engine Optimization

Bret Talley
Talley Digital Media Founder Bret Talley Published the eBook on Amazon Last Week.

The digital landscape can be a tough road to navigate for business owners, who are experts in their field, but require digital skills now more than ever in order to be make their business successful. Bret Talley had this in mind when he published his new eBook “One Month SEO Bootcamp:  30 strategies to rank higher, faster, and longer” on Amazon. 

When asked about the book, Bret says “I come across business owners constantly who would like to learn more about the digital landscape, search engines in particular, but they don’t know where to begin.  I found that I was giving small tips and strategies that were easy for a beginner to digest, so I decided to put together a book that can showcase some strategies that will help a beginner to SEO to be able to take in the information so they can research what works for them and their business.” 

Bret adds, “This book is not intended to be an all encompassing SEO course… you could earn an entire degree focusing on how search engines work, but with this book, I intend to give business owners a sense of direction, with small daily tips which a business owner can take in, research more, and see what works for them.” Bret Talley is the founder of Talley Digital Media, an agency he launched in 2012 and based in Florida which works primarily with business owners with services such as SEO and Reputation Management.  

The eBook is set up by days from 1 to 30 and teaches a new SEO strategy each day which is geared towards business owners who want to begin to understand Search Engine Optimization and how search engines work.  The book is also divided into 3 different sections along with a 4th section for the conclusion.  The 3 sections comprise information about On-Page SEO, Tools to help with SEO, and Link Building, and each of the 30 Days includes a strategy to learn for each aspect. The eBook is available for download from Amazon in a Kindle edition and can be purchased for $2.99.  Bret has decided to donate all of the proceeds of this book to charity.

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