Taihoku Tea is on a mission to bring the very best of Taiwanese teas to the world.

October 19 02:09 2021
Taihoku Tea is making the most sublime teas from Taiwan’s High Mountains easy to access and delivered straight to your home.

London, UK – October 18, 2021 – Taiwan has a semi-tropical climate. Rolling mountains running from north to south and rich biodiversity are home to some of the finest artisanal tea farms in the world.The island’s dynamic weather patterns allow for teas with indelible flavors, aromas, and textures to grow year round at different altitudes.

“Taiwan has some of the best teas in the world, particularly their renowned oolong teas, but have always been hard to access for foreign tea lovers”, says founder Mohamed Khashoggi

In fact, because of Taiwan’s diverse weather patterns from the north to the south of the island, teas produced in the north will have widely different flavors and aromas from their counterparts grown in the same seasons in the south.

Taiwan produces exquisite takes on classical Chinese Oolongs like Tie Guanyin. The native teas include the floral Bao Zhong and the illustrious Alishan High Mountain Oolong. 

“They’re just not readily available outside Taiwan. The local population adore their teas and consume most of the best yield every year, leaving very little for export. Our mission at Taihoku Tea is to provide  a platform for the very best Taiwanese teas to the rest of the world.”  

The team at Taihoku Tea chooses their teas seasonally, from one farm at a time, selecting only the most promising tea leaves from individual farms. The seasonal yield of highest quality leaves are then given to  their in-house roasters who create the distinct and iconic tastes of Taihoku Tea’s Taiwanese teas. 

“Taiwan’s tea farms are in a class of their own.The best leaves usually come from small farms and are limited in supply”, says Mr Khashoggi. 

To celebrate the beauty and diversity of Taiwan’s native fauna, the Taihoku Tea Signature Series features native Taiwan animal prints on all of its tea packages. Animals include the Formosan Blue Magpie (Taiwan’s national bird), as well as the Sambar Deer, Black Bear, Macaque, Leopard Cat, and the elusive Clouded Leopard.

As an active member of the local conservation community, Taihoku Tea donates a portion of profits to the Clouded Leopard Association of Taiwan. 

More information can be found at taihokutea.com

About Mohamed Khashoggi

Mohamed Khashoggi is a businessman, historian, writer, and conservationist. He is a member of Panthera’s Conservation Council, a board member of the Indian Ocean Tortoise Association and a founding member of the Clouded Leopard Association of Taiwan.

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