Star Wars Influenced Digital Artist Shortsy Launches Meme Stock NFT Named “Fami Family”

November 01 12:30 2021

One of the most popular NFT artists, Shortsy has launched his latest creation, “Fami Family”. Well-known for doing Star Wars and popular meme stock, Shorsty’s newest NFT is a mosiac featuring FAMI stock holders presenting their inspired social media icons in the form of a mosaic mushroom.

“Shorsty’s “Fami Family” will be on sale online for a limited time till February 2022 at rarible for approximately $25,000. This will also include a signed, limited edition, physical 3D frame the buyer can display. If not sold online, will be sold at auction for a higher amount”, says a spokesperson for Shortsy. 

In an age where meme stock has revolutionized retail trading, “Fami Family” is the ideal NFT for the moment. Its launch perfectly captures history being made in 2021. Shortsy celebrates the fifth release of his NFT with “Fami Family”. It will showcase works by Wallstreetbets influenced icons and other creative social media icons displayed in the meme stock in a mosiac form celebrating retail investors who believe in the Farmmi stock.

“NFT’s represent the future of the digital art market, with luxury art dealers like Christie’s and Sotheby’s jumping on board. NFT’s are being sold in the range of $20-30 million and higher. Shortsy’s starting pieces are generally priced within $25,000 to $200,000”, says a spokesperson for NFT artist Shortsy.

This time around, experts say that the value of Shortsy’s upcoming pieces is all set to quickly rise to match those of high-end pieces and find their place in the million-dollar range. Shortsy backs this speculation and says that he too believes these pieces will become increasingly valuable as collector’s items.

Shortsy will soon be releasing a Star Wars-themed Mandolorian NFT shortly. All his activities and updates can be found on his Twitter [email protected] For more information on the Shortsy movement, visit Rarible for more details regarding the exclusive NFT artwork now available for purchase.

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