‘Go Away, Mr. Tumor’ a Thai film starring Min Pechaya and Ananda Everingham is catching New Yorker’s eyes from the center of Times Square.

November 01 13:24 2021

You know it’s a big deal when a Thai movie poster is being seen amid thousands of people in New York. This extraordinary project has been promoted across the globe from Thailand to the United States of America. A Thai Film ‘Go Away, Mr. Tumor’ under the production of Benley Film, directed by Somkait Vituranich, has been brought up on the legendary giant center screen of Times Square in New York, internationally exposing the lead cast ‘Min Pechaya’ and ‘Ananda Everingham’ to the world previously on October 30.

It feels like the center of the world when you are standing at Times Square in New York. This place is one of the world’s top crowded attractions where high-tier business industries and tourism collided. This is why the giant center screen at Times Square secured the most popular spot where global brands ads and mega Hollywood movie promoting campaigns have been premiered and gained attention from everyone in the world. The extraordinary promoting campaign of a Thai romantic-drama film ‘Go Away, Mr. Tumor’ has brought up the movie title with amazing posters and attractively displayed at the center of New York. This led to the incredible worldwide phenomenon and successfully won the heart of the fans. Additionally, the spark has been ignited and attention has been drawn from the international market including China, Taiwan, Malaysia, and Singapore regarding the grand opening campaign in the USA.  In Thailand, the journey will start in the theater on November 18 and will set sail to various theaters aboard in the main cities afterward.

‘Go Away, Mr. Tumor’ weaves a story through “Pakkad” (Pechaya Wattanamontree) an unlucky graphic designer girl with a series of sudden unfortunate events in her 25 years old. It started with a furious job quitting, followed by a first-hand witness of her boyfriend’s affair, and ended the day with the most terrible news of being diagnosed with cancer. Among the collapsing world in front of her, Pakkad found her heart at ease and bounced back easily with friends and family who stood by her side. The unexpected began when she had a big crush on the stern face doctor with a gloomy past – “Dr. Kawin” played by Ananda Everingham. With her optimistic heart filled with fantasy galore and overwhelming positive energy, she put her foot down and decided not to give in and spread out the love to others, including the one who seemed to be the hardest to crack – Dr. Kawin. This film is based on the true story of “Xiong Dun” a Chinese cartoonist who has been diagnosed with cancer. Xiong Dun’s smile with a positive outlook on her crucial destined life has captured thousands of hearts all over China.

Now, the excitement has also been carried across the world from New York to Thai fans. Please grab a handful of popcorn and let’s dive into a wonderful journey that will brighten your day together with ‘Go Away, Mr. Tumor’ in theaters this November 18.

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