TRT World, Turkey’s Voice Opening Up to the World, is 6 Years Old.

November 01 13:30 2021

Television channel TRT World that makes Turkey heard throughout the world is celebrating 6th anniversary.

TRT continues to proceed with an objective and successful journalism notion not only nationally but also internationally.

TRT World, which is a result of this notion and has been able to make a difference in global journalism by covering the news all around the world and hot spots with a people-oriented point of view since the day it was established, is celebrating 6th anniversary.

Celebration message from Sobaci, Director General of TRT

Mehmet Zahid Sobaci, Director General of TRT, shared a message for the 6th anniversary of TRT World: “TRT World is six years old today. We remain passionate about news, encouraging debate, putting people at the heart of the story and inspiring change. Happy anniversary TRT World.”

Statements in the video of the celebration message of Sobaci drew attention:

“A whisper, which was underestimated by all ears, wanders. Like an unimportant whisper. Yet, it becomes a scream here. Here is the place in which silence turns into an expression. Here is the place, in which the loudest voice becomes the voice of the silent. Any path is unreachable. Any path is unattempted and no one is a stranger. TRT World’s story of 6 years is the story of ‘being there’, like TRT World always have been. TRT World were there when hope seemed like a burden and injustice was ‘accepted’. TRT World were there when the world seemed incoherent. When anyone else dared. To hear, ask, fight, louder, faithfully rand fearlessly… TRT World inspire change. That’s what TRT World do.”

TRT World’s Story

Since the course of 2002 Turkey has become an increasingly significant country both as a regional and global actor. This period of stability, development and strong international relations has led to the natural emergence of TRT World. Turkey’s geopolitical and geocultural positioning is indicative of a potential to see world events differently. Throughout history, this land has hosted the collaboration of many civilisations and has long been a hub where ideas, information and trade intersect. In an age of information where the primary language of mutual communication between various cultures is English, TRT World will provide new perspectives on world events to a global audience.

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