The Basic Knowledge Point of Goods Support Devices

November 01 12:16 2021

A combined goods support device designed by our R&D engineers has successfully obtained a US patent.

What is it?

It is essentially a plastic connecting piece between the uprights.A combined goods support device includes at least two vertically-stacked goods support frames, wherein every two adjacent goods support frames are connected by a plurality of goods support frame connectors; the goods support frame includes four first L-shaped support plates,and goods placement racks are disposed among the four first L-shaped support plates;the goods support frame connector is presented in the form of L-shaped plate, a first insertion groove and a second insertion groove for connecting the first L-shaped support plates are opened at upper and lower ends of the goods support frame connector respectively, and the first insertion groove and the second insertion groove are mirror-symmetrically disposed relative to a middle portion of the goods support frame connector: the first insertion groove is an L-shaped groove that is wide at an outer end and narrow at an inner end, and the second insertion groove is an L-shaped groove that is wide at an outer end and narrow at an inner end.


Why did we invent it?

The shelving on the market generally has 8 uprights. The upper 4 upright and the lower 4 upright can be connected in three ways: The key hole shelving is connected by metal sheets or rivets, and the slotted shelving is connected by plug-in designs. This connection method is more difficult to assemble. However, The goods support device is simple and novel in structure, high in stability, and easy to assemble and disassemble.

rivet rack

Can I sell shelving with this patent?

With our authorization, you can sell shelving with this patent in the US market. If you sell products with this patent without our permission, you will bear legal responsibility. If you have any questions, please contact us.

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