Author Mariia Nova Announces Sci-Fi Book “Infinit.The Last Bridge of Sam” For Lovers of Fantasy and Futurism

November 01 14:30 2021
The novel tells of the inspiring journey of a mutated girl called Sam as she travels through the 7 Infinits to save the woman who raised her and return the world to the humans

Author Mariia Nova announces her sci-fi novel “Infinit.The last bridge of Sam” for lovers of fantasy, futurism, adventure, and the new world. The book narrates the fascinating story of Sam in the year 2070, when the earth is no more in existence and humanity only lives in the 5th-dimensional world.

The orphaned mutated girl embarks on a mission to find the woman who raised her. In her journey, Sam meets and falls in love with a ruthless man called Fear, and both of them set out on the journey through the 7 Infinits where she met 7 leaders and began the quest to unite the world and fight against the dark forces.

Sam desires to eliminate the pain and suffering that humanity is subjected to because of the dark forces whose powers have destroyed the most important aspects of society. The character’s deep belief in humanity never faded, and that’s what gives her the energy to challenge the opposing forces and bring back the essence of existence: love, family, truth, and justice.

Mariia Nova is a very imaginative writer who has mastered telling stories that engage her readers. She draws inspiration from the conditions of people in the world we live in today and tries to explain it through an exciting sci-fi story with a relatable character.

The reader is taken into an imaginary world of magic, adventure, with so many things to learn and discover. The narration of the novel is fast-paced, so it challenges the reader’s imagination to try and understand the trajectory of the story.  Every character in the book is relatable, so they draw the reader deeper into the world as they progress from one chapter to the next. The book reminds readers about the essential things in life and why humanity needs to find itself and strive to care more about the simpler things that make us what we are. “Infinit. The last bridge of Sam.” is available in 2 languages, English and Russian, and a psychological game based on the book will soon be released.

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