Andrea Kuska Releases Environment-Conscious Graphic Novel Titled Heatwave

November 01 20:32 2021
Andrea Kuska Releases Environment-Conscious Graphic Novel Titled Heatwave

Andrea Kuska, an environmental activist and artist, has announced the launch of her very first environment-focused graphic novel – Heatwave, to be made available on her website

The novel, which will be illustrated and designed solely by Andrea, highlights relevant environmental issues using fun graphic comics to easily pass the message across to a younger audience, in an exciting way.

“One of my favorite parts of Rinexii is the smattering of comics I have made to illustrate it. Although my path as an artist is just beginning, I feel that visuals like comics can really help the average citizen understand environmental issues.”

Although there are countless articles, books, and online material with which adults can educate themselves on environmental degradation, the artist realized that teens and younger children had little or nothing to help them understand the growing problem.

“Right now, the situation for our planet is not good. Plastic is killing our whales, the wonderful animals I admired as a child are becoming extinct, and the world is getting hotter and hotter. We need to take action now, and this blog is my way of taking that action,” says Andrea.

The graphic novel, which will be drawn during the NaNoWriMo event scheduled to begin on the 1st of November, beautifully reflects Andrea’s passion and love for nature and is creatively driven by her ambition to make others aware of the need to proactively protect the environment. Viewers will be able to watch short clips of the graphic novel being drawn and follow the plot as it develops.

The story unfolds with a science teacher announcing a local science competition with a $1000 prize. The students quickly get started and soon enough are joined by the most popular girl in the class, Maria, as well as the shy William. And while the kids think facing off the local bully will be their biggest problem, they, however, realize that there are more pressing issues when they learn about the effects of greenhouse gasses.

Andrea says becoming a mother deepened her concern for the environment as she began to worry about the future of the planet in which she would raise her daughter. And so she started her website to educate people of all ages through a fun and interactive mode of communication.

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