The next big NFT, CryptoFranks is here to dominate the market

November 02 01:03 2021
CryptoFranks is all set to become the best investment of 2021 by providing the collection of 10,000 Franks as NFTs in a Blockchain.

USA – NFT standsfor Non-fungible Token. NFTs are unique in their own way. They are digital assets that cannot be replaced by any other thing. If one were to trade an NFT item, they would receive something completely different in return. Some examples of NFTs include digital art, music, etc. NFTs are gaining serious hype among many people. They are also trusted by some of the most successful investors of modern times. They are being sold for millions of dollars. CryptoFranks is one such NFT in the form of digital art.

CryptoFranks are 10,000 randomly generated NFTs which has been inspired by Frankenstein. This NFT allows its holders access to a community to a large group of people while providing future opportunities for airdrops, whitelists, giveaways, and more. One of the lucky CryptoFranks holders will receive a CryptoFranks hearse worth around $20,000.

The NFT, CryptoFranks is planned to be released by the end of October. The creator of CryptoFranks says: “We are currently building the CryptoFrank community and aiming for a late October mint date. Make sure to join our Discord for chances to get whitelisted to mint 24hrs before our public launch. And don’t worry, we’ll do everything we can do to avoid gas wars of site crashes.

According to the plans of CryptoFranks, much of the profits will be shared with charities. Upon hitting the 50% Mint-mark, $10,000 will be donated to Central Florida Hope Center. This organization solves problems such as homelessness, educational issues, mental health problems, and more.

About CryptoFranks:

CryptoFranks is an NFT, sold as digital art. This NFT consists of 10,000 unique and varying Frankensteins. The NFT holds a lot of potential for utilities in near future. Planned to be minted by the end of October of 2021, CryptoFranks is going to build a community of thriving people, who can enjoy huge perks associated with CryptoFranks.

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