How This Actor Left Hollywood to Help the World Get Healthy

November 02 02:33 2021
How This Actor Left Hollywood to Help the World Get Healthy

Stories about how and why famous actors, directors, and producers made it big in the entertainment industry are very popular and sought after. But very few people who have decided to leave the limelight end up telling the world their reasons why.

Andrew McFarlane is one of the few, and his reasons for leaving Hollywood probably aren’t what one might expect. Despite managing to do what thousands of others dream of doing — seeing their faces on the silver screen — McFarlane discovered along the way that he was destined for something different: to make the world a much healthier place.

Who is Andrew McFarlane?

McFarlane’s acting career began when he was just 12 years old. During his career in the entertainment industry, which was over a decade long, he starred in a number of commercials and television shows, including Any Day Now, The Amanda Show, ER,  The King of Queens, Lizzie McGuire, The Bernie Mac Show, and most famously, popular ABC sitcom My Wife and Kids.

McFarlane’s health and wellness journey actually began while he was playing Tony Jeffers on My Wife and Kids. While on set one day, he connected with one of the guest actors on the show who was also a fitness model and health advocate. They opened his eyes to the issues plaguing the food industry, and the health problems that many people develop as a result. 

This information pushed McFarlane to make changes in his own life; he started doing juice cleanses and fasting, and switched to a plant-based diet. After he implemented these changes, he found he was sleeping better, had more energy, and overall felt much healthier on a day-to-day basis.

Why Start A Juice Bar?

McFarlane felt so much better and wanted to spread the word about his healthy habits to help others on their path to wellness. He was inspired to make healthy foods more accessible, and he did this by opening a juice truck in Los Angeles. He quickly found that there was major demand for the healthy options he was providing, and the success of his juice truck allowed him to open a brick-and-mortar storefront about a year later, and then a second store location not long after the establishment of the first. The high demand for healthy options he observed pointed to a glaring lack of nutritious foods elsewhere.

Many United States communities, McFarlane noticed, particularly those in underprivileged areas, lacked adequate access to healthy food options. Residents of these neighborhoods and towns consumed processed, chemical-filled foods solely because they had no other choices. These places are known as “food deserts”. 

Having his attention brought to the issue of food deserts, plus his peers’ interest in his health-based business’s model, pushed McFarlane to create Start a Juice Bar, the world’s first juice and smoothie bar consulting agency. This, he knew, could be an opportunity to scale his business model and push his impact much further than he would have been able to previously.

The organization is mission-driven, with the goals of creating a world with more healthy food service businesses than unhealthy ones, and empowering other health-focused entrepreneurs.

The need for more nutritional options is always present, as healthy super-foods can help the body recover from illnesses such as cancer. McFarlane has crossed paths with cancer survivors who credit their recovery to the healthy habits they developed. Access to better, more nutritious options could even help people recover from COVID-19, as conditions like obesity and hypertension (typically caused by poor nutritional options) have contributed to COVID deaths.

How to Start a Juice Bar of Your Own

When one makes the decision to start their own juice bar business, one has two main options.

The first is perhaps the most common: open a franchise of a pre-existing chain. These include companies like Jamba Juice, Smoothie King, or Tropical Smoothie Cafe. This route is appealing because these brands have a proven structure in place with a clear implementation plan that’s already tied to a well-established brand. The downside to this choice, though, is that they can be cost-prohibitive and options for creative freedom or brand control are extremely limited or, in many cases, non-existent.

The second option, however, is where McFarlane’s Start A Juice Bar comes into play: starting their own brand from scratch. With Start A Juice Bar, McFarlane’s hundreds of clients — including cancer survivors, nutritionists, health coaches, and more — are given a proven structure and clear launch plan that’s not nearly as costly as those outlined while franchising.

Start A Juice Bar’s services include custom menu creation, developing equipment lists, location design, brand development, and more. It’s no secret that making healthier dietary choices and helping others do the same can be a challenge, but this juice bar consulting and development agency makes the process much more straightforward and simple.

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