Project Honey Bees – Saving the endangered Pollinators – Reviewed

November 02 07:06 2021
Is Project Honey Bees Legit? Absolutely Yes, and here’s why! Is Project Honey Bees a scam? Absolutely Not!

Project Honey Bees reviews are simply astonishing. The company is overdelivering on its work and mission! Their jewelry is beautifully and carefully hand-crafted and every purchase contributes to a great cause! We made a purchase ourselves and we adopted a queen bee and named her Chalice. We learned about her little backstory as well as her hive and contributions to UC Davis research. The adoption also came with photos and a certificate of adoption.

Project Honey Bees is the only official partner of the 100% non-profit charity Honey Love Org, Karma Honey Project, and now UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center, and any other stores that claim the same thing are not legitimate. Project Honey Bees rotates between their partners on yearly basis in order to support multiple charities and many different missions which in itself is a great idea! Some charities focus more on repopulation, relocation, and other charities focus more on research or education. This is a great way to tap into many different issues and problems by Project Honey Bees.

Currently, Project Honey Bees is partnered with the University of California Davis – The number 1 agricultural school in the entire World! There’s no better partner than UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center that helps save the bees by conducting research on the bees and other pollinators’ reproductive studies to provide long-term solutions to the growing decline of bees and other pollinators. This includes Native Pollinators as well.

So is Project Honey Bees legitimate? Yes, upon the extensive research and going as far as contacting the currently partnered charity, it has been confirmed that Project Honey Bees does currently donate parts of the profits to UC Davis Honey and Pollination Center. We reached out to UC Davis and asked them about their partnership with Project Honey Bees, and they confirmed that not only is the money is in fact donated, but they are also very happy from this partnership.

Project Honey Bees is very legitimate and so far have donated TENS of THOUSANDS of dollars to their partnering organizations and are expected to contribute even more to the mission of saving the bees from all around the world.

So is Project Honey Bees a Scam? Project Honey Bees is definitely NOT a scam. From what we researched, Project Honey Bees does not have all 5-star reviews only, but no brand does. Project Honey Bees comes at a very respectable 4.5 Trustpilot score, which is an amazing rating already! So No, Project Honey Bees is not a scam!

In other words, Project Honey Bees gets a 5-star review, and is a legit company!

There are many brands out there that are believed to be scams meant to be confused as the original Project Honey Bees, to name a few: projectsaveabee, savemybee are concluded to be scams and after research, the claimed donations or partnerships couldn’t be confirmed. These companies skillfully dodge any questions and ignore our messages, it is recommended to dispute any purchases made with the impostors.

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