Pandemic ‘Zoom Boom’ Sparks Rise in Facial Cosmetic Surgery

November 03 09:44 2021
Nose job and eyelid surgery were the most performed surgical procedures in 2020.

BARCELONA, Spain – 3 November, 2021 – While the world shut down during the pandemic, Medical Solutions Barcelona — a plastic and cosmetic surgery platform that matches patients from around the world with specialists in Barcelona — has reported unexpected gains in plastic and cosmetic surgery.

Rhinoplasty (nose jobs) and blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery) were the most performed surgical procedures in 2020, according to the American Society of Plastic Surgeons (ASPS). The trend was highlighted by the BBC that cosmetic surgery clinics across the globe had seen an increase in people having treatment. Although non-urgent surgery was completely halted in the UK by government restrictions, the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons (BAAPS) confirms that a members survey saw a 100% rise in virtual consultations during lockdown, leading to 75% of patients going on to have surgery.

A backlog of cases would go some way to explaining the demand for cosmetic surgery once clinics started to open up — but it is not the whole story. With videoconferencing becoming the way to keep in touch with the office during lockdown, bad lighting, unflattering angles and seeing our faces in an unfamiliar way on screen has contributed to the demand for facial surgery to ameliorate lines, wrinkles and asymmetries.

However, there are other reasons for the increase in facial plastic surgery during the pandemic. One of the major factors is that it is discreet. Working from home allows recovery without drawing attention from co-workers. Furthermore, the wearing of masks conceals swelling, bruising and stitches so that patients can go out-and-about without feeling self-conscious.

According to Joaquín Pineda, general director of Medical Solutions Barcelona, “the use of the mask has also led to a spectacular increase in the number of rhinoplasties performed. The mask camouflages the nasal splint and the typical postoperative bruises.”

In turn, mask wearing may contribute to the increase in blepharoplasty surgery as the eyes become the only focal point on the face. Additionally, the recovery from eyelid surgery is reasonably quick without the lengthy downtime that may be associated with a facelift or some forms or rhinoplasty.

One issue for patients having aesthetic procedures to the face is the downtime. Even though they may feel well enough to work, bruising and swelling may prevent them from going into the office and they will need to take time off. With many people working from home, recovery is not an issue with the bonus that individuals can continue to work without anybody from the office noticing they have had surgery.

Another benefit that people who have been on furlough or working from home have discovered is that they have more disposable income. As normal activities, such as holidays and eating out, were curtailed people have more money in their pockets that ordinarily they wouldn’t have had.

It is likely that the ‘Zoom Boom’ will continue to fuel the demand for facial aesthetic procedures as working from home becomes a permanent feature of modern office life. Virtual meetings are here to stay and patients can continue to take advantage of the unofficial downtime that working from home presents and heal without having to show their stitches, swelling and bruising in public.

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