Trillion Boy Illustrates the Immensity of the Number Trillion for Children and Adults

November 03 18:03 2021
Creator Steve Hummel shows the immensity of a trillion through an imaginative coloring book for children and adults.

In this modern day, everything is political. Every action translates into something bigger that makes ripples, affecting people generation after generation. As the US Congress discusses the numbers being allotted to the US budget, a curious mind can’t help but wonder the enormity of what they are discussing. Seven-year-old Kyle Hummel is one of those who simply want to understand how much is the number trillion that the legislators keep talking about during their meetings. This question gave birth to The Adventures of Trillion Boy, A Coloring Book for Kindergartners and Congress.

His dad, Steve Hummel, came up with this coloring book upon trying to figure out the best way to answer his child’s question. He was taken aback when he found out himself that it would take someone over 31,000 years to count to a trillion. The Adventures of Trillion Boy started in early summer 2021 when it was initially imagined, as the US Congress and the White House were negotiating budget and infrastructure projects, as well as the country’s $28 trillion debt.

In doing so, Steve had the realization of how immense the numbers are. “It made me realize the implications of the actions being taken by our elected officials,” he said. The coloring book was sent to members of Congress, both Republican and Democrat. To get a copy of the book that costs under $10, go to the Trillion Boy website now.

About The Adventures of Trillion Boy

The Adventures of Trillion Boy, A Coloring Book for Kindergarteners and Congress, is a coloring book that explores the magnitude of the number trillion through twenty short vignettes and accompanying illustrations. The creator, Steve Hummel, hopes that it entertains children and informs adults, including politicians making trillions of dollars’ worth of decisions.

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