Why Florida Homeowners Need an HOA Attorney

November 03 22:45 2021
Why Florida Homeowners Need an HOA Attorney
Magnolia Law – The Real Estate Closing Firm – is announcing to the public on reasons why a homeowner needs a knowledgeable, experienced HOA attorney.

Fort Lauderdale, FL – Real estate law in Florida can be difficult to deal with.  Homeowners often don’t understand their rights and need a skilled attorney to help them.  

Whenever they need a lawyer for HOA disputes, Fort Lauderdale residents need to find a firm that specializes in real estate law.  Magnolia Law has the necessary experience practicing real estate law all over the Fort Lauderdale area.  Their attorneys can handle any HOA problem.

When a Florida resident purchases a home, they might forget to ask about the HOA.  Some older homes won’t even have an HOA.  Typically, however, any other property probably has a homeowners’ association that may cause problems. 

Most HOA groups have written documents that list the rules.  But many times, homeowners may interpret these rules differently. Other times homeowners may be accused of a violation that they didn’t commit. 

The most common disputes arise when the HOA imposes fines. Therefore, it is vitally important to hire the most experienced, knowledgeable HOA lawyer in Fort Lauderdale to resolve money issues.  

A little-known HOA dispute arises when a homeowner says or writes anything negative about their HOA. Then, the association can sue a homeowner for libel or slander.  

If a homeowner goes up against an HOA on their own, they probably won’t win their dispute.  A good HOA attorney in Fort Lauderdale knows all the tactics HOA groups commonly use and has a much higher chance of winning.

About Magnolia Law – The Real Estate Closing Firm

Erica J. Busch, Esq. and Sofiya Shoaib, Esq. founded Magnolia Law in Fort Lauderdale to help Florida homeowners with all aspects of real estate law.  Erica Busch was most recently named “Featured Member of the Week” on October 22nd from the Broward County Bar Association on October 22nd. Both Erica and Sofiya’s extensive amount of experience in commercial and residential real estate law make them the perfect choice for closings, title work, HOA disputes, and anything else concerning real estate.

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