A new player is entering the US pet insurance market: Meet Animalia

November 04 01:42 2021
After providing health care coverage for a significant portion of pet owners in Israel for more than 5 years, the digital pet insurance agency is expanding its paw print.

Every pet owner has a horror story about shelling out for a sick pet.

Yoni Kiehl, a young entrepreneur with a vast experience in the insurance market and the former proud owner of Porta, a beautiful French bulldog, decided to do something about it. He believed that while pet’s health can be unpredictable, their pet insurance shouldn’t be.

In 2016, he established a digital pet insurance agency in Israel with one clear vision – protecting pet owners from the unexpected, providing them with necessary educational tools and enhancing their lives in general.

One year later, Animalia became a leader in the local market, revolutionizing insurance by creating a platform for the entire pet community to interact through.

When asked what was the main key to their instant success in the Israeli market, Kiehl has a clear answer: “One of our main challenges was forming trusting relationships with the local vet community who viewed us, justifiably, with some suspicion and rejected our product at first. They were convinced pet insurance will ultimately damage the quality of veterinary health care. In order to prove this otherwise, we have signed a special treaty saying our guidelines will be based on the vet’s recommendations. The basic principle was, and still is, care-based and not cost-based”.

In spite of the fact pet insurance industry recorded its sixth consecutive year of double-digit growth, it is still a business with lots of room to grow. According to the North American Pet Health Insurance Industry Association (NAPHIA), there were 3.45 million pets insured in the U.S. in 2020. Given the size of the U.S. pet population, market penetration for pet insurance in the U.S. is still low and Animalia is hoping to seize the market opportunity.

Visit us now – http://www.animalia.pet/

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