Peterest – The World’s 1st No-Power Scoop-Free Cat Litter Box Launched On Kickstarter

November 04 03:08 2021
Providers of innovative pet care solutions, Peterest Inc., launches a crowdfunding campaign for their first-of-kind user-friendly no-power scoop-free cat litter box

The team at Peterest is staying true to their commitment to making pet raising easier and more fun as the brand recently launched their groundbreaking cat litter box on Kickstarter. Described as “the 1st no-power scoop-free cat litter box in the world,” the product has everything “amazingness” written all over it, with features that stand it out from a typical litter box.

Pet parenting remains one of the most enjoyable experiences, with millions of people in different parts of the world making dogs and cats, amongst others, a part of their family. However, the responsibility that comes with owning a pet can be sometimes overwhelming, especially as regards scooping their litter. Over the years, several solutions have been developed to ease the process of helping pet parents take good care of their cats or dogs with very little success achieved so far. However, the team at Peterest Inc. looks set to change this narrative with their eco-friendly litter box.

Peterest ensures no scoop, no electricity, no contact, no odor, with a large room for big cats, and an eco-friendly disposable waste bin. Other features of the fully-automatic convertible cat litter box are its large capacity to hold up to 7 days of cat waste and easy cleaning and maintenance, offering an all-inclusive pet litter solution for lovers of felines.

Unlike other litter boxes that have litter scattered around the box, Peterest is designed with a built-in litter trap under the swinging door to catch most of the litter from the cat’s paw as they exit the box, ensuring a cleaner area around the litter box and the home. It also helps to solve the problem of restricted movement and time-consuming process of cleaning traditional and even automatic litter boxes.

The goal of the crowdfunding campaign on Kickstarter is to raise enough money to support the mass production of Peterest, which will start in December, with shipping to commence in January 2022.

For more information about Peterest and to be a part of the pleasurable pet care campaign, visit Kickstarter.

About Peterest

Peterest is an innovative team of pet lovers poised with delivering solutions to meet the growing and diverse needs of pet parents worldwide. The Colorado-based brand offers top-notch products designed leveraging the expertise and experience of the team.

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