Meet Laundry Sauce, the World’s Best Smelling Laundry Detergent For Men

November 04 11:33 2021
Igniting the fire and unleashing the inner beast in every man by combining bold, soulful fragrances with excellent cleaning power in simple-to-use, premium laundry pods.

Bored of the mundane scents offered in most laundry detergents? Ever noticed the lack of laundry products that cater to men and their desired fragrances? Don’t settle for a regular-smelling detergent to clean one’s clothes. Made by men for men (and women, too), Laundry Sauce introduces premium laundry pods with bold scents, a powerful clean, and high-quality ingredients.

With its 10x cleaning power and ultra concentrated formula, Laundry Sauce cleans just as well as any of the leading detergent brands, if not better. And not only does it clean clothes, but it is like cologne for clothes – or clothes-logne as they call it.

Compared to normal detergent, Laundry Sauce has more scent packed in its pods. In fact, their liquid detergent laundry pods were developed by Sabine De Tscharner, one of the top scent makers in the world. They were able to take the rugged essence of the elements and put them into two sophisticated signature scents that both give off confidence with finesse, without ever begging for attention.

For a one-of-a-kind, dark blend of exotic woods, Laundry Sauce took its cues from the land down under with their Australian Sandalwood scent. This offers a rich, warm, and mysterious combination of woody fragrances, coming from unique, patented Woodleather, Virginia Cedarwood, and white Alaskan Cedarwood.

On the other hand, those who prefer wearing a cooler, fresher scent inspired by the frozen tundras of the north might want to check out Laundry Sauce’s Siberian Pine scent. This blend exudes the crispness of juniper, coolness of geranium, frozen oakmoss, and an ethereal touch of white mint – with the clean feel of precious amber and the soft touch brought by the purity of tonka.

This superior laundry sauce was formulated with manly, muscular ingredients, minus the weird additives and chemicals. Not to mention it is 90%+ biodegradable, gentle on one’s clothing, works well in all washing machines, and of course, smells “saucesome.”

For only $69, customers get 69 pods, which is equivalent to 69 loads of laundry. Thanks to Laundry Sauce, smelling good, looking good, and feeling good is now as simple as wash, rinse, and repeat. And at only $1 per load, premium laundry pods have become more accessible and affordable for everyone than ever before.

With Laundry Sauce, even men look forward to Sundays (a.k.a laundry days). Join the sauce-ciety now to experience Laundry Sauce’s amazing scents and cleaning performance.

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About Laundry Sauce

Laundry Sauce is a newly launched laundry detergent brand, inspired by high-end, sophisticated, and unexpected exotic scents that conjure up visions of new life experiences. Founded by three brothers with one goal, their products are conscious, relevant, and innovative – made for the man who is willing to unapologetically make a statement with the products they buy.

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