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November 04 14:24 2021

Recently, “crawler-type shot blasting machine for chain rail forgings” produced and installed by us for SOTE transmission equipment Co., Ltd of Sany group is successfully accepted. It is another successful delivery project after the “mixing drum coating line shot blasting equipment + container coating line shot blasting equipment project, crane tower crane powder blasting line shot blasting equipment and main engine coating shot blasting line project” in cooperation with Sany group.

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SOTE has put forward higher requirements for shot blasting equipment for chain rail link forgings. After qualification review, technical defense and business negotiation, our company has won Sany’s recognition and cooperation again with excellent technical strength.

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The equipment is made with German Agtos technical support. The shot blasting chamber and crawler are made of imported materials. The impeller, blade and guard plate of the shot blasting turbine are made of alloy wear-resistant materials with special heat treatment. It has good wear resistance and long service life, which can greatly reduce the replacement frequency and reduce the operation cost.

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The loading weight of this shot blasting machine is more than 1 ton each time, and the shot blasting time of the customer’s original equipment is 12min / bucket. After using our equipment, the shot blasting time is reduced to 4min / bucket, which greatly improves the shot blasting efficiency and helps customers improve the work efficiency by more than 200%.

The equipment has full-automatic programmable control function, and the shot blasting function realizes “hydraulic loading – Shot blasting – Unloading into basket” whole process with fully automatic, the equipment layout is reasonable, and the loading and unloading of forklift is also very convenient.

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The dust removal system of the equipment adopts a high-performance TAA pulse back blowing filter cartridge dust collector and is equipped with a secondary filtration system to realize indoor emission. The emission level reaches 1mg / m3, which is far lower than the requirements of the emission standard, which can effectively improve the on-site operation environment.

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We Zibo TAA is a leading comprehensive service provider for surface treatment. Including blasting abrasives media supply, shot blasting machines and accessories, diamond grinding and cutting tools etc.

We would like to help all customers to improve their blasting progress with our high advance technical strength!

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