The Work Request Module Of Mirat Assists Organizations In Managing Many Procedures And Requests

November 04 17:40 2021
The Work Request Module Of Mirat Assists Organizations In Managing Many Procedures And Requests
Work Request Module | MIRAT.AI
Businesses Can Manage All Work Order-related Data And Activities With Mirat’s Work Request Module, Including Everything From Opening Work Orders To Managing Transactions Linked To Working On Them.


Using the Work Orders module, you’ll be able to handle virtually any form of production activity, including manufacture, assembly, repair, and maintenance. As long as you’re producing engineering prototypes, you may utilize this production management system since it provides a single, familiar interface for everyone on your team to manage and organize data for all work activities.

How does the work request module work? 

The Work Orders management module’s versatile multi-line architecture enables it to manage a wide range of business scenarios, including:

• Setting up a single work order to schedule numerous production runs of an individual item.

• A single item can be divided into several orders, lines, or “splits” (even when they need the same date and time).

• Provision of numerous commodities and services for a specified ‘work’ on a single order

• Each phase is defined in that order as a separate, distinct line, which allows you to keep track of all of the actions from “prototype to production” in one place. 

MIRAT’s Work Request Module emphasizes Accuracy in Time Management 

MIRAT has been used by more than 800 clients across 35 countries and has significantly reduced operational expenses and improved team productivity and efficiencies. With close to 85% annual retention rates, MIRAT has been a revolutionary ITSM product, which has helped boost our valuable clients’ IT infrastructure management. The on-premises MIRAT product also has a Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 81 and is one of the top-rated products on several comparison portals. Learn more about us here

A work order’s lines can list many work activities, each with a date and time associated with it. MIRAT’s scheduling and optimization skills can be used to find these automatically. Plans are precise down to the hour, minute, and second level.

Operation of a Backflush 

When it comes to optimal production, it’s common for discrete and repetitive manufacturing styles to be required. With this manufacturing production management system, users get the best of both worlds because it supports both a traditional manufacturing environment and a hybrid one. Backflushing features for the Work Orders management module include the following:

• Materials and components backflushing during a specified activity, when a quantity is completed, or when scrap is recorded in the assembling process

• Input from both central (floor-stock) and line-side inventories

• Fully lot controlled and serial controlled products must be backflushed.

• Pegging of Materials at Various Levels

Requirements for the materials Material pegging created by MIRAT Project Resource Planning (PRP) is respected by the planning processing logic at full level. 

If you need to undertake any outside operations, you can use this production management system to swiftly and efficiently produce purchase orders for those outdoor activities.

To ensure the subcontracted manufacturing or manufacturing process is finished and received promptly, you require advanced outside process management capabilities (Material Supply) to organize, provision, and track supplied or consigned materials. It’s possible to start manufacturing or shipping right away because the supplier’s receipt will automatically move you to the next step in the process.


The work order management is housed in an integrated ERP, financial, and supply chain solution that uses a single database. MIRAT’S work request module also integrates all of these components. 

Upon completing a manufactured amount, a user is alerted if the mandatory quality processes and measurements are not recorded.

As long as there is a need for lot/serial traceability, any component faults will be immediately apparent if the traceability information is missing. 

Visibility of Work in Progress 

It’s easy to keep track of your work-in-process inventory when you have real-time visibility. On-demand material and value-added cost estimations are provided for every job. To compare the actual costs to budgeted expenditures, a running count of completed items is maintained. For the purpose of financial posting and recording, all transaction activity is documented and calculated, and data on labor and machine efficiency is generated.

Features that are important:

• Engineering Integration

• Modification of the Module

• Trial-knitting

• Committing in several orders based on priority

• Control and traceability of lots and serial numbers

• Issues on receipt or completion, pick-lists, pull-tickets, and direct issues

• Buying packages drives manufacturing activity using dispatch lists and analytics.

• Time & cost invested when using a machine

• Costs and activities associated with external processing

• Assembly, component, and operation scrap transactions

• Tolerances for completion govern the amount that is too much or too little.

• The closure of the manufacturing facility forbids any further production.

• Cost variations are identified and created in the GL during the financial close.

How to get started with MIRAT? 

MIRAT, the cloud-based, AI version of MIRAT serves our clients through more information on our services, chat, and phone support, and simplified pricing plans. Out tools have been proven to reduce 80% of your operational expenses, 20% of outage costs, and increase team productivity by 60%, and efficiencies by 30%. You can now get your ROI in just 6 months! 

Use it to believe it:

Visit to access your free 14-day trial and evaluate how MIRAT can be useful for your ITSM needs. You can also reach out to us via email [email protected] (or) give us a ring at +91-9550827711 and request a demo.

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