Straight From the Experts: Hala Chiadli and My Anti-Aging Method Launch Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed TV Talk Show and Podcast

December 02 20:18 2021

Premiered by MUPO TV Saturdays at Noon EST, and Available on, The Show Addresses the Skin, Health and Wellness Concerns of Women Over 30 

Every woman over the age of 30 understands the eternal struggle of staying on top of their game while trying to balance wellness, skincare, energy, and aging. Fortunately, Hala Chiadli, Brain Health Licensed Trainer by Dr. Daniel Amen, Certified Neuro-encoding Specialist by Joseph McClendon III, Functional Nutrition student and Face Yoga instructor is teaming up with some of the world’s top experts to spill the top anti-aging, wellness, and transformation advice in her new TV talk show Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed, airing Saturdays at 12 PM EST on MUPO TV. 

Hala Chiadli is the founder of My Anti-Aging Method, a holistic anti-aging method designed for women above 30 to help them feel younger for longer and age naturally and gracefully. Having undergone a total transformation in her own life by embarking on a journey of self-discovery based on holistic practices, Hala redefined aging for herself and created a like-minded community dedicated to growth and self-care.

Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed aired its pilot episode on October 16th, 2021, where Hala welcomed Helen Fong, co-founder of Toned At Fifty, and incredible 53-year old woman who shared her amazing transformation to achieve naturally a perfectly toned 25 year-old looking body in one year. The episode reached over 500 women to prove the concept and ignite a fire in Hala’s purpose. 

Following episodes would feature guests like Face Yoga Master (Koko Hayashi), Jin Shin Jyutsu Practitioner and Chopra-certified Meditation Instructor (Bridget Riggs), and women like Melinda Davis-Gillinger who resonated with the show. The last episodes featured Dr. Wills, a graduate from the Technical institute of Israel Rappaport school of medicine, a passionate investigative researcher dedicated to health and wellness through the gut microbiome. Her appearance boosted the show to a new record numbers of spectators.

“What makes this show powerful is not only the guests sharing their knowledge and their transformation, but also the interactions with women watching us who connect with me daily on social media and by email sharing their struggles, their needs, and their topics of interest.” – Hala Chiadli 

Through proof of concept, dedication to the craft, and unwavering commitment to helping women around the world feel comfortable and confident in their own skin and body, Hala Chi adli’s purpose-driven vision has come to fruition with Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed TV show and the soon-to-be aired on Spotify and iTunes Anti-Aging Secrets Revealed podcast. 

Soon, Hala will be launching her proprietary program Unleash With Hala, a result-oriented program for busy women who want to stay at the top of their game while aging. The program takes a multi-pronged approach to anti-aging and wellness to attack issues women face from every angle. From sleep performance, to hormonal balances, body systems’ superpowers, face yoga, body and mind connection, and everything in between, Unleash With Hala will take participants on the self-discovery journey of a lifetime. 

To learn more about Hala Chiadli, My Anti-Aging Method, Unleash With Hala Program, and Anti-Aging Secret Revealed TV Talk Show and Podcast, please visit:, and download the TV Show guests’ book: 

About Hala Chiadli

Hala Chiadli is a mother, investor, entrepreneur, Brain Health Licensed Trainer by Dr. Daniel Amen, Functional Nutrition student, and Face Yoga instructor based in Paris, France. After a health transformation, she decided to bring her holistic anti-aging method to the world and help empower women over 30 struggling with the impact of age on their bodies and face. Dedicated to cultivating meaningful and lasting change, Hala partnered with top anti-aging and health experts from across the world to curate the ‘Unleash With Hala’, a result-based program designed to help women stay on top of their game, and naturally enjoy the aging process with grace. 


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