Baleun Angel Chair ii ergonomic functional chair now on sale on Amazon

December 07 00:56 2021

The Baleun Angel Chair ii is ergonomically designed to help anyone straighten their back. With the acupressure function applied to the backrest of the product, it is effective in correcting the waist area.

The seesaw principle is applied, and there is a supporting part on the bottom of the product to prevent people from falling backward when seated, and to maximize the elasticity of the backrest. The acupressure protrusion on the backrest is close to the waist, which helps maintain the right posture.

The Baleun Angel Chair ii consists of the following features:

• Air circulation design: The six protrusions in the center of the waist area have a spine chiropractic effect, and the comfort increases when seated with the ventilation opening on the floor.

• Spine lifting system: The lever principle supports the lower back to create a straight and stable posture as soon as people sit down.

• Anti-deformation: The product is composed of nine strong frames for excellent elasticity and flexibility, and the pelvis moves together to prevent the spine from bending in one direction so that people can maintain the correct posture (724lb).

• Ergonomic design and high elasticity material: The product is made with a three-dimensional scientific design to accommodate various body types, and is manufactured wide so that even a large body can sit comfortably.

Along with these features, the back of the Baleun Angel Chair ii has an elastic S-shaped backrest, which helps to maintain a good posture by attaching the back to the backrest of a chair. The size is W14.92 x D14.25 x H14.25 (inches), and it comes in two colors, black and red made in Korea.

The Baleun Angel Chair ii can be used by anyone, regardless of age or gender, because it creates the correct posture when sitting in various places such as sofa, chair, floor, car, and camping.

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