Seattle Brain Injury Lawyer Trains and Equips Attorneys Nationwide To Prepare and Present Cases

January 13 14:09 2022
Scott Blair is recognized nationally for his experience, knowledge, and expertise in representing brain injury cases. Scott and his fellow attorneys Adam Urra and Kelli Bynum have been asked to speak to audiences across the US and provide specialized training in this legal niche.

Scott Blair, founder and CEO of Brain Injury Law of Seattle, is recognized by his peers across the country for his dedication and passion in properly and expertly handling traumatic brain injury legal cases. Scott Blair, Adam Urra, Kelli Bynum, and the rest of BILS are pleased to announce that the Seattle brain injury lawyers have been selected to speak to and train legal professionals across the US; and will continue to take on these types of engagements in order to help the industry grow more aware of the pertinence of having specified knowledge of TBI, the personal difficulties, and the medical nuances involved.

The Seattle brain injury attorney law firm specializes in Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), recognizing that having a solid understanding of TBI as an attorney is close to the importance of relying on a neurology specialist for treating neurological problems. According to Scott, “Selecting an attorney to represent your brain injury case can be difficult. It is difficult to know the level of experience a particular personal injury attorney has handling brain injury cases. You may wonder whether a general personal injury attorney is appropriate, or whether you should pick one that only handles brain injury cases. Consider this—Would one go to your primary care doctor to handle a complex neurological problem? Certainly not. A person seeking help with TBI would need to seek out a doctor who only handles the type of brain injury problem they are concerned with rather than occasionally dabbling in it.”

In other words, the advanced knowledge and experience in brain injury found in a brain injury law firm such as Brain Injury Law of Seattle is the best choice when fighting for justice in a brain injury legal case.

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The effects of brain injuries are often subtle and complex and can have a range of profound effects on an individual if they are not recognized and dealt with properly and promptly. Victims of brain injuries require specialized and often costly treatment to restore them to the enjoyment of life. Winning your brain injury case is paramount when getting the support you need to get appropriate treatment and back to life and career.

Scott, Adam, and Kelli have been representing clients in neurological injury cases collectively for more than a quarter-century. Speaking in various locations across the US to train up attorneys regarding successful prosecution in brain injury cases, he passionately alerts the rest of the legal profession on the importance of understanding brain injuries when representing them.

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Brain Injury Law of Seattle has the knowledge and experience to successfully train and equip attorneys nationwide to prepare and litigate brain injury cases. Victims of brain injuries require an attorney who can represent them victoriously. The legal team is in demand across the country to help other legal teams meet the specialized needs of patients.

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