How SEO Can Benefit Businesses in New York

June 22 10:37 2019
How SEO Can Benefit Businesses in New York

The way you would search for your products and services may not be the way customers would search. Often, people use Google searches in ways that seem completely unintuitive. How much site traffic is lost simply because people aren’t using the search terms you assume they are?
In this digital era, consumers rely on their handheld devices to do research and make purchase decisions. Businesses that take notice of this and optimize their online presence to attract customers are the ones gaining the most benefit. One of the best strategies for getting more leads is search engine optimization (SEO). SEO has always been a popular way of getting traffic and leads to websites, but many New York businesses don’t have the expertise to execute a successful SEO campaign.

Modern businesses need to leverage the power of online search to get ahead of competitors. It is a relatively non-competitive arena which businesses can certainly exploit for lead and demand generation. Although Facebook, LinkedIn and Instagram are great platforms to promote your products or services, Google search has great potential all on its own. After all, Google processes 3.5 billion searches each day.

The trouble is, most businesses still haven’t caught up with the times. Most business websites are designed using archaic design principles and have content put in as an after-thought. And that’s exactly what SEO aims to fix. The goal of any SEO campaign is to optimize websites so that they appear higher up in the Google search results for relevant keywords.

Relevant keywords are directly related to the phrases that are being searched for by potential customers of a business. For example a plumbing business’s customers will be searching for ‘plumbing services near me’ or ‘best plumbing services in *LOCATION*’. Logic Inbound, a digital marketing agency in Seattle, explains why New York SEO is so important in their article.

Expert B2B marketers know the importance of search. Search plays an important role in the ‘demand generation’ phase of the purchase process. Buyers are likely to make multiple searches before they even interact with a business website. This is a great opportunity for businesses to attract the attention of buyers, and expose them to the business’s products and services. And this is exactly what SEO enables – it takes your web pages higher up in the Google rankings and increases their visibility to potential buyers.

Understanding what potential buyers are searching for is a crucial part of the SEO process. What buyers are searching will determine your business website’s ‘focus keywords’, and that’s what your content should revolve around as well. Buyers at the top of the funnel, or at the demand generation phase, are simply looking for information and are doing research. Capturing their attention and building trust at this phase ensures you increase chances of acquiring that customer later when they have to make the final purchase decision.

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