UN GLOBAL: Beyond the small wallet pattern, build a large ecosystem

July 02 02:01 2019

“Choice” is the most important consideration when people invest in the blockchain field. There are a series of super intelligent wallet projects in the market that can quickly make a profit. Such projects will bring not only huge benefits to users in a short time, but also unpredictable high risks. 

At this point, the emergence of a comprehensive blockchain application platform with a new concept is particularly important. 

And UN GLOBAL is such a platform. 

The ecological platform built by UN GLOBAL includes five important modules: valuable blockchain, IBS commercial system, IBS planet, blockchain gaming and exchange matrix on the public chain UNTC. 

Compared with other profitable models in which the wallet platform is dominated by unilateral gains, UN GLOBAL’s biggest difference is to promote the valuable blockchain concept beyond the wallet. 

As the most concerned dark horse in the blockchain industry in 2019, UN GLOBAL has already completed a crucial global strategy upgrade. What UN GLOBAL is currently doing is not a single wallet product, but a comprehensive blockchain application platform that tightly integrate the digital world and the traditional world. On this basis, UN GLOBAL focused more on building a decentralized, visualized, highly liberalized blockchain open-source community and a globalized, based, replicable innovative business model. 

Compared with the unilateral rising model of platform token, UN GLOBAL hopes to realize a true valuable blockchain, which is undoubtedly more proactive and big-picture. 

As early as April this year, the Cagayan Special Economic Zone, located in the northern part of the Philippines, allowed foreign investors to register cryptocurrency companies. UN GLOBAL seized the opportunity to sign a strategic partnership with the local Boao Holding Group to jointly establish the “IBS Planet” project in Santa Ana. 

The leader of the IBS planet signed the “Belt and Road Memorandum” with the Philippine President Duterte and the Philippine Foreign Minister, and also signed the Lal-Lo Airport Expansion Project and the IBS Planet Cooperation Agreement with the Cagayan Special Economic Zone in the north of the Philippines. The IBS Planet was officially included in the “Belt and Road Memorandum”. Nowadays, Shenzhen’s direct flight to IBS will be officially opened on September 25. This will also be the exclusive route for UN members and IBS Planet partners. 

IBS Planet is not only the world’s first digital asset free trade zone, but also one of UN GLOBAL’s “Ace Modules”. After the completion of the project, foreign-funded enterprises and commercial complexes in the Santa Ana area of Cagayan will support UC payments and investment and asset management with equity in UNTC. UNTC users will also hold real-name shares in the projects of IBS Planet, which will undoubtedly create stable and huge returns for the users of UNTC. 

While using IBS Planet as the UN base, the IBS Business System and the IBS Merchants Association are also progressing. The new commercial sector will be fully launched in the near future. IBS is the commercial engine of UN GLOBAL blockchain application platform, which has a profound impact on the rapid landing of business and the construction of cryptocurrency application ecosystem. 

Currently, UN GLOBAL has built the “Alpha” Integrity Points System (similar to Amazon and Ali’s User Reputation Credits). The “Alpha” Integrity Points System will not only reflect the user’s stickiness to the platform, but also test the integrity of the shops, thus creating a more trustful, transparent and secure business environment. In the future, both the online and offline stores of IBS will be fully improved in four dimensions of products, services, technology and market, creating a unique UN business empire.  

The matrix exchange on UNTC public chain is a crucial part of UN GLOBAL’s future development strategy. With the gradual landing of the IBS Planet program and related applications, UNTC’s valuable blockchain and STO’s token properties are gradually emerging. UNTC will build its own public chain in the third quarter of 2019, and reduce the circulation from 1 billion to 100 million. These more open, transparent and inclusive practices will undoubtedly further increase the value of UNTC. 

UNTC has established its own exchange, aiming at sharing the value of the UNTC token with global users. In the view of UN GLOBAL, this practice will make the valuable blockchain truly value-based and bubbleless. 

In fact, it is not difficult to find that UN GLOBAL, which is fully committed to building a blockchain complex platform, has an extremely advanced concept. It combines promising application with a strong physical economy, transforms these contents into value with its volume and capital, and brings constant benefits to users. These characteristics are exactly what the general wallet platforms can’t perform. 

In fact, from last year, UNTC has been in the hot situation of “token shortage”. UNTC has always insisted on the principle and mode of controlling and advancing. Investors have absolute freedom and rational space to think and make the most sensible investment choices. Surprisingly, UN GLOBAL has always been making physical investments and enriching the regional ecology based on the security of user investment, and will also export these benefits through UNTC, bringing ecological and long-lasting rewards to everyone. 

“Despite the outside surging world, UN GLOBAL will insist on its heart and keep still.” This is probably the most appropriate description of UN GLOBAL. 

Only when you bear your dream in mind can you possibly realize it and reach your destination. We believe that UN GLOBAL will be with the majority of users to witness the future prosperity and beauty.

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