Macau Night and FC Fucun Token Press Conference Held Successfully in Macau on August 29th

September 02 16:39 2019

According to official news, the Macau Night and FC Press Conference was held in Macau on August 29th. FC Fucun Token is the first side chain developed by Fukumura Group based on CTC public chain technology. Fukumura Group has been engaged in tourism for many years. In the industry, the Group currently has various scenic spots in the China region, including Furong Valley, Feilong Waterfall, and Shanshui Green. At present, the Group plans to conduct the first step application in the circulation of the scenic spot.

FC is based on the CTC’s corporate travel chain, which focuses on the cultural tourism industry. Committed to the cultural tourism industry under the Huangshan Fucun Group, to create a program open source, resource sharing, non-tampering, decentralized Huangshan Fucun scenic area pass system.

FC is jointly issued by Singapore Dorn Foundation and Huangshan Fucun Group with a total of 500,000,000 (500 million). FC will be the first to apply to the internal circulation of the scenic spot, the certificate of the certificate, and the exchange of products under the group. In the future, the exchange and exchange between the certificates will be carried out in the CTC Travel and Exchange Exchange to realize the global tourism circulation ecological chain.

The rapid development of the casual group business, the increase in tourists in the scenic area. FC’s smart contract agreement will be more extensive and full, and the frequency of use will drive the value of FC to increase.

And has hired the most influential market value management team in the world to provide security for the market value of the project, reduce market malicious fluctuations, protect the asset security of the holders, and let our FC continue to rise steadily.

The launch of FC originated from the communication and resonance with the cultural and tourism industry in the communication with Jason James, chairman of the Singapore Dorn Foundation. Finally, it chose to build a more convenient circulation side chain on the ctc public chain. The team announced more official news in the press conference in Macau, let us find out together.

JASON JAMES, Chairman of the Singapore Dorn Foundation, said to the reporter:

Sina reporter: Why did you choose to jointly issue FC with Huangshan Fucun Group? Why are you optimistic about FC?

JASON JAMES: As a pioneer in the field of investment for many years and as a leader in digital currency trading, Fukumura Group has gained tremendous influence in the short term, which is obvious to us. The most important thing is the Fukumura Group’s creative equity model, which allows us to see the strength and potential of the Fukumura Group in terms of future value multiplication.

This is more innovative than other Fukumura Groups in other traditional scenic spots, so I feel that it is worthy of strategic cooperation.

Sohu Reporter: What is the next development plan of CTC?

JASON JAMES: CTC will always be the ultimate goal of completing the connection of the global cultural tourism industry. We will continue to meet more strategic alliances of more traditional traditional travel industry in more regions. Our first phase of the goal is mainly to focus on the Asian market. We will plan to complete the docking of ten scenic spots by the end of 2020.

Netease reporter: At present, CTC is in the technical, talent, resources and other aspects, what is the current reserve power?

JASON JAMES: The first performance is technical. CTC has a technical strategic alliance with the US GEEK team, so the current technical advantage is very good. The second performance is at the operational level. We currently have more than 2 million annual communities. Active fans have emerged excellent operational talents;

FC CEO Sun Bing said in response to a reporter’s question:

“Our group has been engaged in the cultural tourism industry for many years and has experienced rapid economic development, regular rule, and adjustment and development in China. Nowadays China is changing with each passing day, and the traditional tourism industry is facing an unprecedented historical baptism. I am honored to have met the blockchain in 2019. After meeting the CTC’s strategic alliance with Xinjia Podun Fund Company, with the birth of FC, he will help us realize the great dream of cultural tourism in advance. I would like to thank the GEEK Technology Lab in the United States, and Xinjiapodu. Special fund company. I am especially grateful to my partner, Mr. JASON JAMES. Throughout the history of China’s economic history, we have gone to the point of change, the inflection point of mass change, the era of entrepreneurship, and the indispensable technology. The laboratory is the CTC Wenhai public chain for the underlying technology combined with the scene application of the offline scenic spot. He will deeply build the blockchain of the scenic spot, thus establishing the application benchmark. At this moment, I am here to appeal to everyone to hope that everyone can work together and work together. Enter ahead and create a better future.”

Sina reporter: I would like to ask your company Huangshan Fucun Group FC Pass will take the lead in which applications.

Sun Bing: Our Fucun Group has been engaged in the tourism industry for many years. At present, our group has various scenic spots such as Furong Valley, Feilong Waterfall and Shanshui Green. At present, the Group plans to make the first circulation in the scenic area. The landing application of the step. Subsequently, according to the development of the Group’s business, it will be extended to the hotel accommodation and other sectors. In the end, the in-depth docking of the entire group’s business will be realized.

Sohu Reporter: What is your consideration in choosing CTC?

Sun Bing: First of all, the economy led by science and technology is developing rapidly on a global scale. Grasping new opportunities to master the economic artery. CTC is a public chain that specializes in the cultural tourism industry. I and JASON JAMES, the chairman of the Xinjiapo Dorn Foundation, once had an in-depth exchange at 4 o’clock in the morning of Beijing. During the exchange, we have a cultural tourism industry. Very high-intensity empathy and resonance, I finally chose to be on such a platform, I think this is the most correct choice in my life.

Netease reporter: What is the significance of your company’s strategic cooperation with CTC?

Sun Bing: The power of innovation and technology can help the traditional Chinese travel industry to achieve greater value. This is our well-known principle. The strategic cooperation with CTC is that we are optimistic about the long-term development plan of the CTC platform. In the other direction, we also feel the basic principle of the CTC platform to solve and accelerate the pain points of the global cultural tourism industry. We are willing to join such a platform. Achieve greater goals.

In response to a reporter’s question, Katerina, CTC’s head of network security and co-founder, said that he will continue to synchronize the latest technology of CTC with FC to support the development of FC and ensure the underlying technology development of the entire travel brigade.

Subsequently, FC’s deep partner, Singapore Dorn Foundation representative Jason James and FC CEO Sun Bing signed a strategic cooperation agreement.

Stan, the representative of GEEK Technology Lab of the United States, will continue to contribute to the development of FC in technology development and sign a strategic cooperation agreement with FC co-founder Sun Bing.

FC is committed to creating a future industrial upgrade to the Fukumura Group, and has therefore issued FC.

Every FC has practical value. They are not bubbles. This guarantees the safety of customers’ capital and increases the consensus of all participants on FC. Therefore, at the same time, since the circulation and the total amount of circulation are constant, the value of FC will gradually manifest itself when the number of participants is increasing.

Successfully completed the appreciation of capital. The biggest reason is that Huangshan Fucun Group has a strong background strength and landing application, which is also the biggest charm of FC.

On the line of FC, the blockchain has reshaped the cultural travel system. Within half a year, the official FC team will always optimize the strategic direction, especially the underlying construction and landing applications, so that such a blockchain scenic spot, It can become a new standard in the domestic travel industry. More applications are in the circulation of scenic spots. The future planning is to continuously optimize products and upgrade products, making travel and asset appreciation more convenient.

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