With its new Cloud Mailing Platform, Holden Parcel is aiming higher

September 24 12:42 2019
The inimitable procurement service Holden Parcel has announced the launch of its brand new cloud mailing software, which is significant greatly to the possibility of purchasing and shipping products from the US at unimaginably low prices.

LOS ANGELES, CA Holden Parcel One, LLC. has some great news regarding the launch of a new version of their cloud mail management software platform, which has explicitly allowed for greater facilitation and advantages for all its clients aimed towards achieving greater global reach and efficiency.

The greatest advantage of a service like Holden Parcel is with the fact that the mail forwarding system allows for purchase at anywhere in the US. This specifically translates to the possibility of procuring goods and shipments from US retailers, even the ones that don’t ship internationally. It also means that purchases could be made by almost anyone at the lowest possible prices, especially the discounts and offers received by wholesalers at large. It also refers to the full availability of the lowest shipping costs one may have to endure across the board, and it recourses the high sales tax charged within the country.

Moreover, registering in holdenparcel.com specifically leads to overall mail consolidation, which refers to the availability of storage for one’s parcels in warehouses. When a specific number of parcels have accumulated, they could then be shipped at a far lower price than otherwise. The new platform has its other specific advantages as well, such as the case of constant monitoring and tracking of packages 24/7, which will surely lead to better organization and lower shipping costs, which may go as far down as 60% in comparison to something normal. Moreover, the overall procurement service lets you have accurate and completely free invoices, which will surely be preferable all across the board.

So, under all circumstances, it’s better that you seek out Holden Parcel One, LLC. Not only are these greatly effective, but it will inimitably help you turning up a large margin for profit. You can easily find them at https://holdenparcel.com, and register to get access to all the services.


Holden Parcel One, LLC. is a service that essentially allows for and facilitates the ultimate version of what might be referred to as a procurement service. It essentially focuses upon provisioning a single US mailing address for people and businesses that do not reside within the country. Through the consideration of helping purchase goods from specific US retailers and wholesalers, it connects people all across the globe. In the meanwhile, Holden Parcel decreases costs of purchase, as well as shipment drastically, which can be very beneficial for almost anyone out there. With its new cloud mailing platform, almost everything is possible for achieving.

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