Another “Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center” Established to Boost Chengdu’s Image as an International Capital of Food

November 22 12:45 2019
Today’s Sichuan cuisine has become more and more popular among foreign countries amid the emergence of documentaries on China, like CCTV’s A Bite of China, CNN’s food and tourism documentary, Future China by in conjunction with Greg, an Australian who has been in media for many years and Yan Can Cook – Spice Kingdom.

At the mention of Chengdu, the first thing that jumps to mind of tourists from both home and abroad must be Chengdu cuisine. As a large urban IP project, “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” takes food as vehicle to demonstrate Chinese cuisine cultural essence. So far, it has been promoted in Berlin, Athens, Wuhan, Shanghai and other domestic and overseas cities, demonstrating Chengdu’s cuisine history and culture, and improving Chengdu’s ability in urban cultural communication and global visibility.

“Let the World Taste Chengdu” — On November 21, local time, Chengdu Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Chengdu Cuisine Association co-held the launching ceremony for “Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center” in Japan. The inheritors of Chinese time-honored brands of Chen Mapo Tofu head office and Zhong Dumplings head office flew to Tokyo, bringing a unique Sichuan cuisine feast to local people. Themed intangible cultural heritage and panda, the “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” also invited Tokyo residents to visit Chengdu. Food knows no borders. In the future, the center is expected to further lead the integrated development of Chengdu and international food cultures and give a boost to Chengdu’s effort to become an international food capital.

The Fifth Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center Established in Japan to Show Chengdu Food Culture with Sichuan Cuisine as Vehicle

Chengdu’s gourmet food like Chen Mapo Tofu, Zhong Dumplings and Lai Tang Yuan is not only impressive calling cards of Chengdu cuisine, but also witnesses of how Chengdu’s cuisine culture has evolved by generation upon generation of Chengdu people.That’s why they can attract so many diners from home and abroad. Since setting up its first business in Japan in October 2000, Chen Mapo Tofu has successively opened 8 branches in Tokyo, Osaka, Shinjuku, Yokohama, Nagoya, etc. While branching out, it has taken active part in various exhibition activities in Japan. Notably, it was ever covered by Japan’s Tokyo Broadcasting System Television and gained great popularity among Japanese people.

Food is becoming one of the important bridges connecting Chengdu and the world. To offer more domestic and foreign diners access to authentic Chengdu food, the fifth “Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center” was officially opened at Chen Mapo Tofu shop in Tokyo, Japan, on November 21, local time. Thus, Chinese people abroad can also eat authentic Sichuan food and experience different spicy and fresh flavors. The inauguration of this fifth center also shows the expanding influence of Sichuan cuisine all over the world.

In order to help Sichuan cuisine go global faster, Sichuan has set up Sichuan cuisine overseas promotion centers in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Moscow, and Vienna since 2016. With its unique spicy and delicious flavors, Sichuan cuisine has won the favor of diners all over the world from the west coast of the United States and the riverside of Volga River to world capitals of music. Now, its presence continues to expand as a Sichuan cuisine overseas promotion center was established at the foot of Mount Fuji. The official opening of the 5th “Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Overseas Promotion Center” witnesses the friendship between the people of Chengdu and Tokyo, and promotes the overseas presence of Sichuan cuisine. It also represents a sincere invitation from Chengdu to Tokyo and even Japan at large to welcome Japanese people to China’s Chengdu and feel the charm of Tianfu culture, giving a boost to Chengdu’s all-round building of an international capital of food.

Chengdu people’s easy lifestyle gives local food a unique quality of comfort. After thousands of years of inheritance and development, food has now become the pride and confidence of this city. With the announcement of the three-year action plan of “Three Cities and Three Capitals”, Chengdu people have also shown their enthusiasm and confidence in food in the process of building an international capital of food. Created by generation upon generation of ordinary locals, Sichuan cuisine is inclusive and eclectic. Now, it is going global faster and faster. In the future, Sichuan will continue to carry out overseas food promotion activities and set up more Sichuan cuisine overseas promotion centers worldwide, thereby further realizing the ambitious goal of “internationalizing Sichuan cuisine”.

Themed Tasting Chengdu Food Culture and Feeling Tianfu Charm, “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” Event Attracts Attention

From Chengdu food to national treasure panda, from exquisite culture creation to Chengdu-featured photo wall, on the important opening occasion of the 5th “Chengdu Sichuan Cuisine Promotion Center”, “Holiday Fun in Chengdu” as a large-scale city IP also was held in Tokyo, bringing a wonderful “Tianfu culture” live show to the local people.

“This is my first time to eat Chengdu food. It’s very delicious!” “I want to go to Chengdu to eat more and better snacks!”… On November 21, local time, in Chen Mapo Tofu’s Tokyo store, a food event with rich “Chengdu flavor” attracted many people’s attention. At the event, Zhang Shengyue, the 8th generation inheritor of Chen Mapo Tofu’s traditional production techniques, and Zhu Yuanqing, the 4th generation inheritor of the China time-honored Zhong Dumplings, are making authentic mapotofu and dumplings for diners on the spot. Japanese diners and Sichuan cuisine culture lovers present were delighted to see the food-making process, and eager to try and taste the renowned Chengdu cuisine.

On the spot, people can enjoy mouthwatering Chengdu cuisine, and attend a series of wonderful interactive activities. Chinese and Japanese bilingual hand holding cards, Chengdu-featured online influencer photo wall full of Chengdu landmark buildings, the event fully used Chengdu elements as background, such as “Tianfu Square” and “Global Center”; people who were engaged in the on-site interactive activities all received a gift from Chengdu, like a custom-made folding fan, a canvas bag, a map of Chengdu famous snacks, a panda doll, or other Chengdu-featured culture creation products.


Reportedly, “Holiday Fun in Chengdu”, a large city IP project with a constant improvement in form, resources and level, was held in Tokyo this time to invite citizens of Tokyo and Japan at large to visit Chengdu. More importantly, this also represents Chengdu’s move to break regional limitation to give an all-round boost to Chengdu’s image and reputation as an international capital of food.

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