Live a Better, More Confident Life with Soulasana Soul

November 27 21:06 2019
Live a Better, More Confident Life with Soulasana Soul

Amy Lohr, Spiritual Life Coach and Soulpreneur

MAUI, HI – In a fast-moving, high-pressure world, it’s easy to get knocked off-balance. For any woman suffering from feelings of anxiety, being stuck, being lost, or no longer being in touch with the passion inside of themselves, there’s a solution. Amy Lohr, the founder of Soulasana, wants to help women everywhere with her Three-Month Transformational Life Coach Journey.

Amy Lohr is the creator of Soulasana Yoga, Healing & Movement studio on Maui, Hawaii. She is a certified life coach, NLP Practitioner, hypnotherapist, soulpreneur, mamapreneur, lightworker, yogini, and reiki master who is dedicated to helping others and creating successful businesses simultaneously. She offers traditional life coaching techniques with other healing modalities such as NLP, Hypnotherapy, yoga, reiki, tapping, law of attraction, mindset mentoring, and meditation theta healing that together form a powerful integrated program that will align her clients with their most authentic self.

She invented the Soulasana Soul Three-Month Spiritual Transformational Life Coach Journey, which entails a series of weekly one-hour sessions that take clients step by step through a healing process that she perfected herself. For women who feel disconnected from any sense of happiness, vibrancy or passion they once felt, this is the place to be.

Step one involves soul coaching sessions to get to the heart of the matter quickly. Clients will be asked questions to get a sense of where they are physically, spiritually, and emotionally; it’s here that they will also discover where their “limiting beliefs” are. They will begin the healing process through NLP mindset mentoring, which will allow them to break free of their limiting beliefs by reprogramming their mental blocks, strengthening their intuition, and guiding them towards greater self-love and confidence.

Step two begins with a weekly “check-in” that runs participants through the events of the week and reflect on any breakthroughs. The client is then encouraged to open their minds through soul yoga and movement sessions. Here, they will integrate the work they’ve done into their physical body.

Step three focuses on spiritual and emotional bodies, using reiki, crystal therapy, chakra balancing, breath-work, meditation, hypnotherapy and more in order to help participants cleanse their soul energy. Over the course of the three-month program, they will rotate through these steps each week as they focus on exploring their relationship to their spiritual transformation, practical goals, mastery of the law of attraction and positive mindset.

In between each session, participants will receive “growth work” to help them continue the process of up-leveling and personal evolution. As they proceed, they will learn how to integrate the lessons of the course into their daily life long after the three-month period is over. The goal is to help them achieve inner alignment and confidence and help them maintain it on their own.

“I offer traditional life coaching techniques with other healing modalities such as yoga, reiki, tapping, law of attraction, hypnotherapy, mindset mentoring, and meditation that, together, form a powerful integrated program that will align you with your most authentic self,” she says of her program. She has no doubt that it will “provide you with fast results and the wisdom to maintain alignment and abundance in all areas of your life upon completion.”

Amy Lohr doesn’t believe in failure. What most people consider failures, she considers transitional periods in life that are essential for carrying her forward. She likes to refer to these periods of transitions as “pivots” into the next state of being, and that’s exactly the kind of attitude she wants to participants have by the end of her training course.

Finding balance in life in order to help others cope with change is essential both to healthy living and finding success. If there is any woman suffering from debilitating self-doubt, confusion, fear, insecurity, shame, and a sense of feeling stuck, Amy Lohr wants her to know that she’s been there, and she understands how it feels — no one is alone. The purpose of this program is to help rekindle passions, find inner alignment, and empower participants to follow their dreams, not because they have to feel that way, but because they deserve to feel that way.

If any woman wants guidance in discovering purpose, passion, spirituality, and more, contact Amy at Soulasana and start a journey of self-healing today.



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