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December 06 19:00 2019

As an e-commerce enthusiast, I spend tons of time watching or reading all sorts of content about online shopping and especially skincare shopping. I consider myself a skincare maven and here I would like to share some experience and knowledge I have gathered over time. Today I will introduce a complete skincare routine I am using recently: MEDATURE.

Supported by a highly professional research team and developed by a group of cutting edge dermatology labs all over the world, MEDATURE is a skincare brand with “precision and efficacy” as its core philosophy and is devoted to making science work in perfect harmony with nature. This is a product line I absolutely would not want to miss. Now let’s take a look at what MEDATURE offers.



I would like to start by sharing my first impression of the MEDATURE products – they have a very simple yet elegant packaging – white as background, one vivid color representing each product. The products are all scientifically verified and highly consistent with the brand’s core philosophy. With MEDATURE your skincare routine is pared down to 4 easy steps: Plantract Cleansing Gel 1 (green), Energizing Q Toner 2 (red), Hydro Bright Treatment 3 (orange), Encapsulated Retinol Serum 3 (purple), and PSL Repair Moisturizer 4 (blue). Each product has a number on its packaging corresponding to the step of routine it represents. With a precise 4-step system, the products score a perfect 10 in efficacy.


Plantract Cleansing Gel 1

Step 1: Plantract Cleansing Gel 1.

This tear-free cleanser uses coconut-derived cleansing agents to remove makeup and other impurities while keeping the skin stable and protected. These natural surfactants do not make small holes in the skin and therefore helps prevent moisture loss. The soothing ingredients it contains include Aloe Vera, Portulaca Oleracea and other plant extracts that work to calm the skin by blocking inflammation and protecting skin barriers. With just a soybean-sized amount, it foams profusely to bring a super soft and refreshing washing experience.

Energizing Q Toner 2

Step 2: Energizing Q Toner 2.

A daily hydrating toner that preps skin for the following moisturizing step. The toner’s ingredients are extracted from multiple plants that bring a natural aroma to the toner, making it the only product with a sweet smell in the entire line. The main ingredients are Coenzyme Q 10 and Hyaluronic Acid. Powerhouse antioxidant Coenzyme Q 10 not only helps neutralize free radical damage that causes aging and inflammation, but also provides fuel (energy) to the mitochondria of cells. Hyaluronic Acid pulls water to the skin’s surface to smooth and plump the skin, adding a layer of protection and hydration for a smooth, firm look and feel.

Encapsulated Retinol Serum 3

Retinol treats and prevents skin wrinkles by increasing collagen gene expression and decreasing the production of collagenase – an enzyme that breaks down collagen. This serum uses the encapsulation technology to make retinol less irritating. It also contains Vitamin C, Vitamin E and Ceramide that help form and repair the skin’s barrier, combat aging, and assist the skin in retaining moisture. This serum is a must-have for your anti-aging journey.

Hydro Bright Treatment 3

This invigorating brightening treatment works to bring an even skin tone and reduce pigmentations. The powerful formulation harnesses Hexylresorcinol and Niacinamide to turn off the enzymes in the skin that create skin pigment melanin. Niacinamide’s strong anti-inflammatory capabilities help prevent irritation, and give cells the energy to repair themselves. I have to say this is my favorite brightening treatment. It helps fade spots, even and brighten entire skin tone in a phenomenal way. I also suggest a combination of Encapsulated Retinol Serum 3 and Hydro Bright Treatment 3, which will cover most of your anti-aging needs.

PSL Repair Moisturizer 4

Step 4: PSL Repair Moisturizer 4

This is a rich and luxurious cream, yet absorbs super-fast! A wonderful option for those with dry, damaged, sensitive skin and seasonal allergies. The versatile formulation features natural Ceramide and Cholesterol to keep the skin stable and sound by repairing and reviving the skin barrier. I can say that with this cream, your skin can build up strength and stay stable.

I have been using the entire MEDATURE skincare routine. Personally, I find that MEDATURE is indeed devoted to precise and efficient skincare solutions. It brings me not only results but also a very pleasant experience. The MEDATURE skincare solutions are a wonderful option for beginners, sparing them from the trouble of constantly seeking the right product. The routine also serves as a perfect gift idea to your family and friends because the products can be used by most skin types. From the cleanser, the toner, the serums to the cream, this simple 4-step system is so easy to use. Once again, I highly recommend that you give MEDATURE’s quality skincare routine a try.

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