Religious Faith Written in Volumes by Robert Maddock

August 01 04:58 2020
Religious Faith Written in Volumes by Robert Maddock

Author Robert Maddock sets the tone for an overview of the evolution of Judeo-Christianity and Islam and their 1,300 years of warfare. Its general theme is the determinism of Islam and the free will of Christianity.

It begins with an overview of the evolution of warfare and the background of the development of Christianity and Islam in the background of modern political philosophy.  

It follows the conflicts of the Umayyad, Abbasid and transition to the Ottoman Empire along with all the conflicts between it and the Western World. In 1856 the Crimean War left the Ottoman Empire as the Sick Man of Europe and its collapse in 1923. Shortly after 1956, Egypt takes the Suez Canal the 6 Day war follows. Until very recently, terrorism became serious then finally subdued.

Volume 2 includes details about Islam, its religious beliefs, the development, etc. Amazon has rated both volumes very high – 4.5 stars Vol 1 5.0 stars Vol 2. 

A provocative book that emphasizes the shared roots and common history of Islam and Christianity and their long history of exchange and cross-pollination. Through his wide-ranging historical experience, Maddock gives his readers a hopeful view of Christian’s and Muslim’s shared history.

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