Mitrex Disrupts Solar Roof Industry With Innovative Technologies and Products

April 26 04:57 2022
Mitrex is a Canada-based company that leverages highly advanced integrated solar technology to create unique solar roof solutions.

According to information sourced from Solar Citizens, the first solar shingles were patented and used in the 1970s. However, they weren’t commercially available until decades later, with Tesla being one of the most popular manufacturers of advanced solar roofing solutions today. 

Aside from the fact that the company took a year to approach the first installation venture after the system was initially announced, many homeowners have decided against using it for simple reasons, such as complex and lengthy installation times, high costs, but also long waiting times due to supply chain issues. 

Mitrex, the biggest manufacturer of Building Integrated Photovoltaics (BIPV) based in Canada, offers a suitable alternative – unique, custom solar roofing products at highly approachable prices. 

Widely acclaimed as the best alternative to Tesla Solar Roof, Mitrex Solar Roofs are built to last, boast simple installation, and support up to 350W of power. 

One of the main benefits of Mitrex Solar Roofs is the integrated design, which makes them suitable for mounting on new structures or mounted onto existing ones. As the brand’s spokesperson imparts, the “panels use the same installation methods as traditional solar panels, therefore, any rooftop can become an energy source.”

The importance of versatility in terms of installation is paramount, as most solar roofs feature a fixed design and can only fit roofs with a fixed design. Given that many homes feature complex, intricately designed roof styles, regular solar cells may fit, but neither solar frames nor Tesla solar roofs could where Mitrex roofs could. 

The automated, sustainable manufacturing process of Mitrex products has ensured the company’s dominance in the North American market. All Mitrex solar roofs are built to withstand decades of use, conforming to the industry standards and offering maximum safety and durability. 

What separates Mitrex from the vast majority of contemporary rooftop solar panel manufacturers is the attention to detail in terms of aesthetics:

“The main problem with traditional rooftop solar panels is the poor aesthetics. For example, the look of conventional blue or black solar panels often ruins the architectural design of residential homes. However, at Mitrex, we believe that sustainability should not be a burden on design. Therefore, we have designed solar shingles that match the appearance of typical rooftop building materials,” said Mitrex’s spokesperson. 

As the leading rooftop solar panels and solar shingles manufacturer, all Mitrex products are backed with a 25-year warranty. Homeowners who trust Mitrex to design and install their solar rooftops can rest assured that their product will provide consistent results for at least a quarter of a century, after which Mitrex is more than likely to develop another breakthrough solution and reshape the landscape of the solar roof market once again. 

More information about Mitrex is available on the company’s official website.

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