Creative Bioarray Launches a Variety of Primary Cell Types to Support Primary Cell Research

April 26 15:45 2022
With an experienced team and cutting-edge experiment platform, Creative Bioarray recently announced the release of its primary cell types to support further research.

New York, USA – April 26, 2022 – Creative Bioarray, one of the world’s leading biotechnology products providers for the biopharmaceutical and life sciences sector, provides comprehensive biological research products and related services to promote the pace of biotech projects. With an experienced team and cutting-edge experiment platform, Creative Bioarray recently announced the release of its primary cell types to support further research.

As a premier manufacturer of primary cells and related primary cell medium products, Creative Bioarray provides a broad range of high-quality human and animal primary cells including T cells, NK cells, endothelial, epithelial, fibroblasts, macrophages cells, Kupper cells, cholangiocytes cells, dendritic cells, hepatocytes cells and other primary cells.

The B cell population is an important part of the humoral immune response. B cell activation results in antigen uptake and presentation, affinity maturation and class switching of immunoglobulins, and antibody secretion. However, B cells constitute only a small fraction (~5%) of the peripheral lymphocyte population, making it difficult to obtain sufficient numbers of B cells for many research applications. The ability to isolate and expand B cell populations ex vivo is valuable to researchers requiring B cells for downstream applications.

The B cells provided by Creative Bioarray are mainly isolated from peripheral blood, bone marrow, umbilical cord blood, etc., and collected from a variety of anticoagulants or solid tissues, available in custom formats and aliquot sizes. Creative Bioarray supports isolation from monocytes by positive or negative immunomagnetic separation, and the purity determined by flow cytometry and stringent QC ensures consistent, reliable cell batches.

Creative Bioarray NK cells were isolated using CD56-labeled positive (2W-502) or negative (2W-501) immunomagnetic selection. Purity ≥90% based on the presence of CD56+ cells. Both positive and negatively selected NK cells are guaranteed to express CD56 and CD16. However, negative immunomagnetic isolation of NK cells resulted in a markedly increased enrichment of CD16+ cells (usually >80% of total cells), whereas CD16 expression varied with positively selected NK cells. Creative Bioarray NK cells are guaranteed to express CD56 and CD16 and contain ≥5 million viable cells per vial.

“Creative Bioarray remains committed to helping our customers accelerate life science research, solve complex analytical challenges and increase laboratory productivity.” said Hannah Cole, the marketing director of Creative Bioarray, she also added, “Our service team can work with you to develop and execute flexible custom-designed experiments to meet your unique needs and goals. If there is a product or service that we do not currently offer, we are happy to work with you to customize the product or service to meet your specific needs.”

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Creative Bioarray is dedicated to offering customers innovative biotechnology products and services for research use to greatly enhance and drive innovation and standards in science. As a well-recognized industry leader with more than 10 years of experience and in-house expert support, Creative Bioarray has already countenanced research all around the world.

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